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Explore Lesbos Greece on a Luxury Yacht Charter

Located in the northeastern Aegean Sea, the island of Lesbos sits in the heart of the Greek islands and boasts beautiful beaches, sunny skies, and an abundance of untouched natural beauty. Lesbos has something to offer every type of traveler, whether you prefer exploring the streets of an ancient city or enjoying white sand beaches. Make plans now to explore Lesbos Greece, on a private luxury yacht charter.

Lesbos, Greece yacht charter
Lesbos, Greece

About Lesbos

Lesbos may be known for being famous as a mythological home to Sappho, a lyric poet. In mythology, Lesbos was also said to be one of Circe’s islands, and it was here that Odysseus stopped after leaving Troy on his way home to Ithaca.

Arriving by boat in Lesbos, you will first notice Mytilene town. Many shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants make the town very lively from early morning until late at night.

With its olive groves and mountains, the island of Lesbos is a spectacular place to visit. This Greek island is home to many beautiful villages such as Molyvos, a traditional village perched on the slopes of a hill. From here you will have an incredible panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. An imposing medieval castle, originally built to protect the village from invaders, dominates the skyline. It is a fantastic place to take photos for your Instagram page! 

Things to Explore in Lesbos, Greece

There are many activities you can enjoy including snorkeling, scuba diving, and sightseeing. Savor drinks at sunset and visit quaint villages like Plomari while cruising along Lesbos’ shores. As previously mentioned, Mytilene town is also a lovely village to see. Many shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants make this town very lively from early morning until late at night.

lesbos greece

Families looking for fun can hike to secluded bays and caves, go snorkeling, or scuba dive to see the marine life and ruins of sunken ships.

Lesbos Greece, is also an ideal destination for couples looking for an island getaway. There are many activities that are intimate such as private massages, thermal spas, dining, and simply relaxing on your yacht.

Useful Apps and Links for Greek Travels

Getting around foreign countries can be difficult when you don’t speak the language. That’s why we recommend downloading Google Translate and a free VPN before you travel. It’s also important to know that mobile data isn’t as readily available or affordable in other countries. If you plan to use your smartphone for browsing and information, research which carriers will work with your phone while you’re away from home.

The Visit Greece app for iOS is an excellent resource for general travel information. Keep in mind that some free online resources aren’t available in every country so it’s helpful to bookmark some websites before your trip.

Dining in Lesbos

You’ll have an amazing time in Lesbos Greece no matter what you do. But if you want to go further beyond dinner on your yacht, there are plenty of dining options from fine dining to relaxed beachfront grills. Throughout Lesbos Island you’ll find plenty of fine restaurants that serve delicious Greek cuisine. Whether it’s seafood or meat dishes with fresh vegetables and herbs grown in island gardens. A Mediterranean-style dinner at one of these locations will be an experience not soon forgotten!

Octopus hang outside a cafe in Lesbos, Greece.
Freshly caught octopus hang outside a cafe in Lesbos, Greece.

Shopping in Lesbos, Greece

When you’re not exploring historic sites or sampling Greek wines and cuisine, spend some time shopping on Lesbos. The Greek island is famous for its artisans and pottery makers. Sample local craftsmen’s wares at one of many shops and galleries scattered across town. You can also find artisan items that are handcrafted from pithos clay, which is nearly 3,000 years old!


The island’s modern art museum houses temporary exhibitions and permanent collections. Most notably, there are works by artists such as Picasso and Chagall. Immerse yourself in the masterpieces—from sculptures to paintings to prints—and learn about famous Greek artists.

The New Archaeological Museum of Mytilini has a collection dedicated to Hellenistic and Roman Lesvos when the island flourished. Exhibits include mosaic floors, frescoes, and other finds from Roman villas and sculptures.

Visit the World of Ouzo Museum of Isidoros Arvanitis and learn about the history of ouzo, the national drink of Greece. You will even have the chance to witness the production process.

Explore Lesbos, Greece: Nightlife and Beach Bars

Lesbos is a fantastic place to kick back and enjoy some drinks and live music. In fact, the best beach bars line Mytilini’s beachfront, and each offers something different. In the port town of Mytilene, BarCode is famous for its great selection of spirits, killer cocktails, and hip ambiance with jazz, soul, swing, and funky tunes playing until late. The seating area outside in the small alley feels very romantic and intimate, especially at night.

Another great beach bar with an excellent location is Parasol on Skala Eresou beach. It is open all day until late and serves a variety of coffees, fresh breakfasts, snacks and beverages, and, of course, awesome cocktails.

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