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Fethiye Gulet Boat Charter

An overview of Fethiye Gulet Boat Charter. Fethiye is a town that stretches around a...

An overview of Fethiye Gulet Boat Charter. Fethiye is a town that stretches around a natural harbor on the Turquoise Coast.  It is surrounded by coves and inlets that offer unique spots to enjoy the crystal-clear sea. It’s also well known for its adventurous activities and archeological efforts. Indeed making, it a popular destination for thrill-seekers and history buffs. Fethiye offers chances to sail through the air over ancient cities and the sea to secluded gems along the Turkish Riviera.

Places to See in Fethiye

Tomb of Amyntas

The Tomb of Amyntas (locally known as the “Fethiye Tomb”) is an ancient Lycian structure cut into the hillside south of Fethiye. It was built in 350 BC, and its columns and inscriptions have held up quite well over time. In addition, the surrounding countryside is also an excellent place for a gentle hike.

Saklikent Canyon National Park

Saklikent Canyon National Park. Visit on a Fethiye Gulet Boat Charter
Saklikent Canyon is the deepest canyon in southern Turkey; Goynuk canyon Saklikent is located in the District of Kemer, Antalya Province.

A quick jaunt inland will bring you to one of the deepest gorges in the world, reaching depths up to 300 meters (984 feet) and stretching 18 kilometers (about 11 miles) long. It is possible to hike the entire canyon in summer, but be prepared to get your shoes wet in the mountain streams that flow through the gorge year-round.

Fethiye Historic Fish Market

This traditional fish market in the heart of Fethiye’s Old Town features a considerable round counter in the middle. From this, you can see the catch of the day. There are fish restaurants around the counter. Pick a restaurant, pick a fish, order some traditional Turkish appetizers (“meze”) and enjoy the fresh-caught meal in a unique atmosphere.

Things To Do While on a Fethiye Gulet Boat Charter

Sail Through the Sky

There are many places in Fethiye where you can paraglide from the mountains down to the sea. Oludeniz is the most popular place to soar over the greens and blues of the Turkish Riviera. With several tourism companies offering paragliding in the area, it’s usually easy to find and book a flight time. Adventurers glide down in tandem with a professional, so it’s safe for those who have never done it before. The experience and views from the sky are second to none!

Whitewater Rafting

Fethiye’s proximity to the fastest rapids of the Dalaman River makes it a great place to hop on a raft and enjoy the wild ride. The best times to catch the river rapids are late spring and early summer. These form from melting snow that streams down from the Taurus Mountains. The river valley is a lush green landscape. Moreover, tubing is also available from most tourism companies for those who’d instead enjoy the forest at a slower pace.

Bays to Anchor during a Fethiye Gulet Boat Charter

Butterfly Valley

Hidden behind the rough hills just outside Oludeniz, this valley opens up to some of the bluest seas along the Turquoise Coast. It’s most easily accessible from the water. The sharp contrast between the craggy mountains and the stunning beach offers a unique coastline view.


This little island is very close to Fethiye proper and a popular stop for boat cruises. It’s an excellent stopover for enjoying a delicious seafood meal. After check-out the old lighthouse on the southern point of the island. Don’t forget to ask about the famous emergency airplane landing in the 1950s!

Gemile Koyu

Gemile Koyu is a secluded cove great for snorkeling, thanks to the craggy reefs that line the shore. On a clear day, you can also catch stunning views of the Taurus Mountains across the cove. The area around Gemile Koyu is famous for its olive trees. In addition, the piney forests are full of hiking trails that take you higher to even more stunning vistas.

Kabak Koyu

Kabak Bay – or “Zucchini Cove” – is a perfect spot to drop anchor when you’re looking for a spot to swim. The beach is covered with white sand, and the multi-hued water is much calmer here than in other coves. Camping, kayaking, and snorkeling are all popular activities here. The nearby village also offers an authentic look at local life along the Turkish Riviera.

Fethiye Visitor Profile

Fethiye is an excellent place for people who are seeking adventure. It’s the hub for thrilling activities like paragliding and whitewater rafting. And it also offers some of the best hiking along the Turkish Riviera. If you’re looking to pack as much adventure into your trip as possible, then Fethiye has the most to offer.

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