Athens to Ionians Roundtrip Itinerary

Enjoy this very scenic route on this Athens to Ionians roundtrip itinerary.

Acropolis in Athens, Greece
Acropolis in Athens, Greece


Galaxidi is one of the most picturesque towns in Greece; it was once a commercial port. Today the old mansions reveal the old glory and attract travellers all year round. Meanwhile, take a walk by the sea and taste fresh fish in one of the many restaurants. Buy some traditional sweets and talk to the locals.

The region of Galaxidi is a very picturesque and charming place, situated on the west side of the Crisaean Gulf.

On this Athens to Ionians roundtrip itinerary you will discover that Galaxidi is a nautical city, and has a history that dates back over 4000 years. It was during the Liberation War of 1821 that the city tried to conquer Galaxidi.

Today Galaxidi is one of the up and coming coastal resorts as it is very popular. It is a perfectly peaceful place for one to spend a holiday there, relaxing amongst the beauty and stunning scenery.


Day 2 of your Athens to Ionian itinerary, you will be visiting the grande island of Kefalonia. Although Kefalonia is the largest of the seven Ionian islands. Its highest peak is Ancient Mount Aenos, 1628m (5341 feet) in Greece’s west coast. Cephalonia has only 32,000 resident islanders. However, with Lefkas to the north and Zakynthos to the south, the island is firmly on a tourist trail and grows each year as more accommodation becomes available and big tour operators move in. Vast tracts of forest cloak the rugged limestone landscape, with ten peaks topping 5,000 feet.

The main influences of Kefalonia, like the rest of the Ionian islands is Italian since the Venetians controlled it for almost 300 years. These influences will be found in the cuisine, architecture, art, literature and music of the island and in fact the Kefalonian’s will be playing the mandolin at least two centuries before Corelli picked it up. In this beautiful island is where the movie “Captain Corelli’s mandolin” took place with Nicholas Cage & Penelope Cruz.

Day 3 – CORFU

Visit Parga on the way to Corfu. Paraga with three small coves can be explored on the way to Corfu. The first cove contains the harbor and jetty from which the water taxis and tour boats operate. The main beach is in the second cove. The third cove has a small beach which is hidden by a large outcrop of rock. Restaurants, tavernas, light shopping and sightseeing is available on Parga.

Day 4 – PAXI

After departing the beautiful island of Corfu, on day 4 of your Ionian itinerary you will be sailing to the small but yet beautiful island of Paxos. PAXOS (PAXI) is the smallest of the six main Ionian islands. When you step ashore at Gaios, the islands little port, you’ll find an exquisite miniature world to discover. One of the attractions of this island Is its size; it is so tine (10km long and 4km wide) that you can easily walk from one side to another. Along its eastern coast, just a stone’s throw away, are the smaller islands of Panagia, Agios Nikolaos, Mongonissi, and Kaltsonissi. During your stay on Paxos, you will find wonderful beaches and translucent waters perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and fishing.


Lefkas, or Lefkada as the Greeks call it, is a very popular summer resort, where this is something for everyone. Young visitor’s party all night, windsurfers have some excellent spots. However, there are quiet places for those who just want to relax, and it has amazing beaches.

The people on the island are known for their hospitality and,they manage to live off tourism in the summer. Others are involved in farming, fishing and stockbreeding. To clarify, the island’s name means white and refers to the white cliffs in the south part that are characteristics for Lefkas.


The largest island of the group comprising of Skorpios, Thilia, Kythros, and smaller islands. Meganisi is located five nautical miles from Lefkada. Explore the island’s beautiful bays, three main villages, restaurants, shops, and tavernas. Also, from Meganisi the view to Skorpios islet can be enjoyed. The islet remains in the Onassis Family.


Ithaca is the second smallest of the inhabited Ionian Islands; it is 29km in length and 6.5km wide and has a coastline of 100km. Two peninsulas are almost equal in size, and they are joined by the isthmus of Aetos (or Eagly bay). The island is long and narrow and divided in half by the bay of Molos. The highest mountain peak on Ithaca is Mount Neritos, which is 800m high.


On this Athens to Ionians itinerary, you will admire all Greece has to offer. On day 8 you will take in the sights of the beautiful island of Zakynthos, or more commonly known as Zante. Besides this island is one of the favorite Green Islands, as it is reputedly the sunniest of all the Greek islands.

The most southerly of the Ionian Islands has a varied landscape. However, the west is characterized by striking mountain scenery which is largely uninhabited. Fertile plains, picturesque bays, and long sandy beaches characterize the eastern part of the island.

Especially beautiful with many varieties of pretty colorful flowers that seem to blossom all year round and is one of the greenest islands in Greece. Zakynthos town the capital built amphitheatrically on the hill of Bohali. The location where Dionysios Solomos found the inspiration to write the poem which later formed lyrics to the Greek national anthem.


Trizonia the only inhabited island in the Corinthian Gulf, geographically belongs to Central Greece. Furthermore, the island bans all cars. Along the coast is a natural harbor, marina, taverns, restaurants, and cafes. Not only can you walk, but also swim at one of the wind-protected beaches.

Day 10 – POROS

Poros has a delightful harbor with many restaurants and tavernas along the waterfront. Additionally, a bridge connects two islands forming Poros. In the center of Poros town are the Archaeological Museum and the island’s famous “clock-tower”. Yachts ring the harbor which bustles with ferries to the mainland and yachts. Poros Harbor creates a beautiful scene. Also, the temple of Poseidon is worth visiting.

Shipwreck beach in the Ionian Islands, visit on an Ionian charter itineraries
Zakynthos Beach in the Ionians

Day 11 – Athens

Depart Poros for the thirty-nautical mile cruise to Athens. As well as the end of this Athens to the Ionians roundtrip itinerary.

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