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Island Hopping | Skiathos to Skiathos Greece Itinerary

Your Skiathos to Skiathos Greece Itinerary will take you to some of the most stunning places in Greece. This itinerary is only a sample of what you can do and see. Your Captain will help you craft a tailor-made vacation for you and your guests.

Skiathos to Skiathos Greece Itinerary
Skiathos to Skiathos Sailing Itinerary

Day 1 | Skiathos

Begin your charter with a stay in Skiathos Town. Skiathos Island is the most popular of the Sporades Greek islands. The small island has over 60 sunny Lalaria beaches, including the Megali Ammos beach.

It also has lively nightlife and quiet seaside towns. Skiathos the biggest and most famous town, boasting many restaurants, shops, and clubs.

Day 2 | Trikeri

On day two, arrive at the tiny island of Trikeri in the Pagasitic Gulf. The serenity of this paradise is undisturbed by the sounds of urban life. No cars are on the lush green island; however, some narrow lanes and hiking trails crisscross the island. The port area has a few tavernas and small shops.

Relax on the beaches and enjoy water sports in the turquoise waters. Or, take a walk and explore the island on one of many hiking trails. You can walk from one side of the island to the other in less than an hour.

Day 3 | Volos

Volos, a beautiful seafront city, will delight you with its grand architecture and lively atmosphere. Stop by a tsipouro taverna for a simple meal and the city’s famed Tsipouro, a distilled spirit similar to raki.

Don’t miss the Volos Castle and the City Museum of Volos. Besides these low-key activities, there are more active things such as walking the long coastline, swimming, fishing, or biking. Or, shop in the city center. Because Volos is the third commercial port in Greece, it has a variety of luxury boutiques.

Day 4 | Milina

The lovely fishing village of Milina is well known for its good captains, sponge divers, shipbuilders, and fishermen. It is pretty busy with visitors, especially in the summertime. Go to Tzasteni, a gorgeous beach on the island that is part of a picturesque bay.

Day 5 | Orei

Beautiful sandy beaches, hills, and plains surround the charming resort town of Orei. In the city’s square, see the marble statue of “the bull of Orei,” a tomb from the 4th century BC. Also, see the ruins of a Venetian castle built on the foundations of an old fort. Furthermore, try one of the seafood restaurants at the harbor, or sip a cool drink at one of the cafes.

Day 6 | Koukounaries

This is a small, pretty village with a magnificent beach. Surprisingly, color surrounds the white sandy Koukounaries beach. There is azure water on one side and a lush green pine forest on the other.

It is an ideal place to connect with nature. Hence, sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent. After a morning of watersports, you can stop by Under the Pine Trees restaurant for a traditional Gyro or Souvlaki.

Day 7 | Skopelos

On day seven, your yacht takes you to Skopelos. It’s a small, quiet island with delightfully secluded beaches and welcoming seaside bars and cafes. The outstanding surroundings made Skopelos the perfect setting for the movie “Mamma Mia.” The filmmakers shot the wedding scene of the movie in the church of Agios Ioannis Kastri.

The two main villages of Skopelos are Skopelos Town and Glossa. Perched on the top of a hill, these two villages provide a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea.

Day 8 | Kira Panagia

On day 8 of your Skiathos to Skiathos Greece itinerary, your Captain will moor in the small bay. He will then take the tender into the beach.

Kyra Panagia is part of the Alonnisos Marine Park. It has a monastery dating back to the first millennium’s turn. A solitary yet very hospitable Monk lives at the monastery. If you visit the monastery, you can see 6th-century relics, 18th-century icons, and a beautiful mosaic in the courtyard.

Day 9 | Alonissos

Anchor in the port of Patitiri, Alonnosis. Patitiri village is the picturesque central port and the capital of the island. Visit the Alonnosis Museum and take in the sights of the port. You can also walk to the end of the port where there’s a small beach.

Day 10 | Skantzoura

After a morning swim, take a walk on the small island of Skantzoura. The only structure on it is the Monastery of Evangelistria at Skantzoura, now abandoned. It is a charming and isolated place.

Explore or relax. However, they do not allow fishing since Skantzoura is part of the Alonnisos Marine Park.

Day 11 | Skiros

Skyros is a dream destination, especially if you love seclusion and relaxation. Hence, it is the least popular island in the Sporades Island chain. Nevertheless, it has many beaches, beautiful architecture, and hiking trails. A few highlights are Molos Beach, Skyros Town, and the Monastery of St. George.

Day 12 | Skopelos | Sporades Islands

It’s an early morning start from Skiros, heading to the western side of Skopelos. Relax and enjoy Limnonari Beach with dinner onboard.

Day 13 | Glossa – the 2nd largest village of Skopelos

Glossa village, built like an amphitheater along a mountainside, is authentically Greek. It’s a short sail from Limnonari. Enjoy the beaches of Loutraki, then walk or take a taxi up to Glossa. You can also explore the village and sample the local cuisine.

Day 14 | Skiathos

Return to Skiathos. This is the last day of your Skiathos to Skiathos Greece Itinerary.

Contact us to discuss experiencing the Sporades islands on a Skiathos to Skiathos Greece Itinerary.