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Outdoor adventures! Ketchikan to Ketchikan Alaska Itinerary

Explore Alaska on this Juneau to Juneau itinerary and experience this unique destination. Activities include whale watching, bear viewing, kayaking, hiking, and fishing for salmon or halibut. You can also bring out your inner adventurer while glacier hiking, touring glaciers in a helicopter, floatplane sightseeing, zip-lining, and more.

Juneau to Juneau Itinerary
Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska
Alaska charter Itineraries - Brent Jones
An Alaskan Bear

Day 1 | Juneau to Hoonah

Embark in Juneau, Alaska’s historic capital city. Disembark at the fishing port of Auke Bay, located just north of the Juneau Airport. Head north around the tip of Admiralty Island and continue to Neka Bay, located near the native village of Hoonah.

Day 2 | Hoonah

In the morning, try your hand at catching Alaskan Dungeness crabs. Then, explore the native village of Hoonah. In the afternoon, travel south and anchor at Takatz Bay for the evening. Enjoy dinner on board.

Day 3 | Warm Springs

In the morning, anchor below a beautiful waterfall. Go ashore to visit a salmon hatchery and walk the boardwalk Baranof Lake. Anchor for the night after transiting Red Bluff Bay’s narrow cut.

Day 4 | Pybus Bay

Arrive in Pybus Bay. Fish for salmon and halibut. If you’re fortunate enough to catch some, your chef will prepare it in the evening. After dinner, explore the surrounding islands and look for sea lions.

Day 5 | Windfall Harbor

Continue your motor yacht Alaska itinerary. Cross Frederick Sound and keep your eye out for humpback whales. These massive creatures work in teams to catch their prey. In the afternoon, travel through Seymour Canal and look for Brown bears. Your captain will anchor, and you can take the yacht’s kayak to explore the tranquil setting of Windfall Harbor.

Day 6: SumDum Glacier

Travel to Holkham Bay, where you will anchor for the evening below SumDum Glacier. Watch the passing icebergs as the tide flows out of Tracy and Endicott Arm.

Day 7 | Cruising

Enjoy breakfast as you enter the majestic passage of Tracy Arm Fjord and travel to the North Sawyer Glacier. Take the tender for a closer look at the massive icebergs. Keep an eye out for the local wildlife, including mountain goats, eagles, seals, and the distinctive Dall’s porpoise.

Day 8 | Juneau to Juneau Itinerary End

Depart at first light and travel through Stephens’s Passage and on to Gastineau Channel, arriving in Juneau. Be sure to explore this dynamic Alaskan city before departing that afternoon with memories to last a lifetime—end of this Juneau to Juneau itinerary.