Newport Leisure Charter Itinerary

This 8-night Newport Leisure Charter Itinerary lets you cruise at a relaxing pace. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy sightseeing, watersports, and exploring in the tender.

Day 1: Newport to Cutty Hunk, MA

Begin your journey with a scenic two-hour cruise from Newport Harbor to historic Cuttyhunk Island in the Elizabeth Islands group. The Island is the outermost of the Elizabeth Islands. Moreover, yacht charter guests enjoy the ambiance of the area.

Day 2: Cuttyhunk, MA

Cuttyhunk has a lovely harbor with good fishing and scenic hiking trails. Spend the day enjoying this quiet destination’s solitude and peaceful ocean atmosphere. Or, if you’d like, try something more active such as jet skiing or kayaking. Nature lovers will enjoy looking at seals at Gull Island.

Day 3: Vineyard Haven, Martha’s Vineyard

After a leisurely breakfast, cruise one and a half hours from Cuttyhunk to Vineyard Haven. Take your time exploring this happy seaside town. Perhaps see a play at Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse or take a walk to the West Chop Lighthouse. Browse through one-of-a-kind shops and stop for a light lunch at Little House Cafe. Afterward, head back to the yacht and play with the water toys.

Days 4 and 5: Nantucket, MA

Day four takes you to Nantucket. There’s so much to see and do that you’ll spend two days here and in the surrounding waters. Once you’ve arrived, head into town to see museums, tour the Island, or even ice skate! Have dinner in town or aboard your yacht.

The next day, cruise the local waters and look for whales and seals.

Days 6 and 7: Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Days 6 and 7 of your itinerary take you to Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard. Again, this area has so much to see and do that you need at least two days to enjoy. First, explore Edgartown — one of five towns on Martha’s Vineyard located on the eastern side of the Island. The town center retains the historic architecture of the whaling captains’ homes, some of which are private homes and many of which have been converted into inns, restaurants, and one-of-a-kind shops and cafes.

Next, enjoy watersports or spend some time seeing things you may have missed the previous day.

Day 8: Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Cruise the short distance to Oaks Bluff. This lively town offers much to see and do, including:

  • The gingerbread cottages. (officially known as the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association and informally known as The Campground).
  • Picturesque Ocean Park with its historic gazebo (great for kite-flying!).
  • Flying Horses Carousel is the oldest continuous carousel in the United States! Kids of all ages can hop on a steed and try to catch the gold ring.
  • Restaurants and bars line Oak Bluffs Harbor on one side and water sports and fishing charters on the other.
  • Walk the North Bluff seawall.
  • Don’t miss all the shops, restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops in the town center.

Just outside the Town center, enjoy Island Alpaca’s silly and interactive herd or catch an exhibition, reading, or concert at Featherstone Center for the Arts.

Day 9: Newport, RI

 Enjoy the three-hour cruise from Oak Bluffs to Newport.

Disembark your Newport Leisure Charter Itinerary.

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