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Experience Lunch Aboard Greek Motor-Yacht MILOS-AT-SEA!

The warm ocean breeze kissed our faces as we set out for lunch aboard the...

The warm ocean breeze kissed our faces as we set out for lunch aboard the Greek motor-yacht MILOS-AT-SEA. Her name derives from the owner’s six Milos restaurants located in Athens, Montreal, New York, Miami, London, and Las Vegas.

lunch aboard greek motor-yacht milos-at-sea

Every charter with MILOS-AT-SEA brings Chef Periklis Panayotou’s fine dining selections to the table. Couple that with the incredible Mediterranean views, and you may never want to head back to land. I had the pleasure of lunch aboard the Greek motor yacht MILOS-AT-SEA.

Cruise with MILOS-AT-SEA

Today’s lunch included three Greek wine selections from local vineyards, each carefully selected for their grape variety, serving temperature, and fermentation process. In fact, two of the wines were produced from organically cultivated grapes fermented by indigenous yeast for pure terroir expression.


First came a Tomato Salad with extra virgin olive oil and barrel-aged feta. The bright yellowy gold hue of the oil revealed that it was virgin oil. The juicy tomato salad had olives and onions, certainly a true tribute to Greek flavors. The olive oil and tangy feta cheese also added richness to our first course.

Next came Milos thin zucchini, eggplant, and lightly fried graviera cheese served with tzatziki. The zucchini and eggplant were delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed my fill of this course since I am a plant-based eater. Any diet may be accommodated because meals aboard a yacht charter may be customizable.

Platter with Raw Fish gavros, salmon, seabass, and crayfish. Other guests onboard especially noted the flavor, commenting on the freshness of the fish.

The Main Delight

Seabass in Sea Salt Crust baked in the oven, served with seasonal “Horta”. What an experience! The presentation alone had me wanting more. The seabass bakes in sea salt for 20-30 minutes, causing the sea salt to form a hard crust.

Removing the crust and carving the fish was a delicate operation performed tableside. The tender and juicy filet was absolutely the highlight of lunch aboard the Greek Motor-Yacht MILOS-AT-SEA.


Homemade Ice Cream and Lemon Sorbet

You cannot go wrong with a delicious and light dessert. Sweet vanilla and cane sugar further enhanced the homemade ice cream, while the tartness of the fresh lemon zest in the sorbet cleansed our palates. Finally, we came to the last course.

We were not disappointed when the chef presented us with Loukoumades with honey from Kythera and Walnuts. This traditional Greek dumpling was a sweet end to a perfect meal. The honey was light, and the walnuts were wonderful.

My lunch aboard the Greek motor yacht MILOS AT SEA was a seven-course meal that lasted about 2 ½ hours. Liberal pours of the suggested wines generously accompanied it. Before we departed MILOS-AT-SEA, Chef Periklis made his appearance, greeted by a well-deserved round of applause.

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