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Kythera Island | Delightful Seaside Escape

Kythera Island in Greece is full of mountains. The land has ups and downs, and it’s really nice with hills, valleys, beaches, and villages. A long time ago, a Greek poet named Hesiod said this is where Aphrodite, the goddess of love, comes from.

Ionian island has been a muse for artists. For instance, French painter Jean Antoine Watteau drew inspiration from this place. Furthermore, both 19th-century French poet Charles Baudelaire and 20th-century Greek filmmaker have also found creative ideas in this very locale.

Kytheria aerial view
Kythera. Photo by Aphrodite Vlazaki on Pixabay


On Kythera, the temperatures are mild, whereas the wind often blows, and the air is humid.

Places to see on Kythera

Kythera’s old villages, castles, and sites give visitors a strong understanding of the island’s special history and traditions. Granted, taking a tour allows you to step back in time and experience Kythera’s rich heritage.

Villages in Kythera

  • Chora: The island’s capital, Chora, is a scenic village that boasts traditional Cycladic architecture, narrow alleys, and white-washed buildings. While visiting charming streets and historic churches, you may enjoy panoramic views from the Kastro (castle) perched above.
  • Potamos: In the heart of the island, Potamos stands out for its beautiful old-style buildings and lively town square. Don’t miss the Sunday morning open-air market, where you can purchase local products and souvenirs.
  • Mylopotamos: This scenic village is famous for its stone bridges, watermills, and lush surroundings. The Milopotamos Waterfalls and the famous “Neraida” (Fairy) waterfall are must-visit natural attractions nearby.
  • Karavas: Nestled on the northern coast, Karavas is a quaint village with beautiful beaches and traditional tavernas. It’s an ideal place to enjoy fresh seafood.
  • Logothetian: Situated in the southern part of the island, Logothetian is a charming village. It is popular for its old estate, historic churches, and peaceful scenery.
  • Mitata: Explore the village of Mitata, a place where you’ll find traditional stone houses and a relaxed atmosphere.


  • Chora’s Castle: This medieval castle stands to witness Kythera’s history. Although nobody can go inside the area, the views from the castle walls are impressive.
  • Castle on Kato Chora Mylopotamou: Sitting on a hill above Mylopotamos, this castle gives a wide view. You can see the village and the land around it.
  • Avlemona Fortress: Explore the Avlemona Castle ruins, offering beautiful views of Avlemonas Bay on the east coast, with fantastic sea views

Windmills and Watermills

Well-preserved watermills and windmills stand prominently outside the villages. These old buildings not only show the history of farming but also make great places to take impressive photos.

Katouni Bridge

The Katouni Bridge, dating back to 1826, is the largest stone bridge in Greece. British rule oversaw the construction of this remarkable design, and it still stands today. Now, it’s a historic spot that tells the story of the island’s past traditions.


  • Archaeological Museum: In Chora, this museum holds items from Kythera’s history, including ancient pottery and sculpture.
  • Byzantine Museum: Discover Byzantine heritage through a variety of religious items, icons, and artwork shown in this museum.
  • Folklore Collection of Lourandos: Discover Kythera’s history through a collection of traditional clothing, tools, and everyday items. These items give a glimpse into the past.

Things to do on Kythera

  • Go caving. Kythira’s largest cave is Agia Sophia Mylopotamos, located on the west coast of the island. Every year, thousands of visitors explore this cave.
  • Hike. There are many marked paths to follow and find natural beauty on the island.
  • Go to the beach. There are over forty beaches to enjoy. Some are sandy, while others are pebbly.
  • Visit an olive oil press. Fava’s Oil Press and Cultural Center offers tours and delicious meals. You can also buy some olive oil to take home.


Food in Kythera has Cretan and Mani influences. For example, a popular eggplant dish cooked with sour cream. Eggplant is a common recipe on the island. Tziriggio fava is another favorite in Kythera as it pleases the senses with its complex mix of flavors.

On the Ionian Island, people use the fresh and copious herbs not only for cooking but also has some health benefits. Of course, fresh seafood and produce are lavish.


Diakoftis hosts the main port of Kythira. However, the island does not have a marina.

Include a stop in Kythera as you follow the Ionian Islands Yacht Charter sailing route. In essence, visiting these areas on a crewed sailing catamaran, motor yacht, or sailboat creates an extraordinary experience.

Kythera is one of the islands and places many charter guests could experience on anĀ Ionian Islands Yacht Charter.