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Luxury Sailing Yacht Raja Ampat Indonesia

Embark on an epic journey with the luxury sailing yacht RAJA AMPAT in Indonesia. Luxury...

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  • Embark on an epic journey with the luxury sailing yacht RAJA AMPAT in Indonesia.

    Indonesia yacht charter Dunia Baru - sailing Komodo

    Luxury Sailing Yacht Raja Ampat Indonesia: Carefully crafting unique ocean journeys that offer a rare opportunity to explore some of the most remote places on earth. Our 2019 voyage calendar will set sail to the Heart of the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat, Indonesia.  Its thousands of isles, pristine water, and rugged landscape offer ample adventure opportunities. Our experienced team will take you on an intrepid exploration of the Pacific Ocean, including Misool, Waisai, and Wayag.

    Raja Ampat accurately lives up to its reputation as one of the world's most beautiful and least explored paradises, ranking as the ultimate bucket-list destination for underwater biodiversity.

    Luxury sailing yacht Raja Ampat Indonesia


    An exclusive adventure group at the forefront of ocean experiences, our Private Explorers Club was born when the founding partners wanted to share their eco-focused ethos with those who shared their passion for the ocean. With over 20 years of experience in the superyacht industry, a unique experience was crafted entirely based on the tides and environmental conditions that promise to offer the most adventure. The fleet of 62" catamarans, which are kept in impeccable condition, explore the most captivating cruising grounds in the world.

    We deliver an expedition-styled adventure for families to reconnect or celebrate a special moment, often at a multi-generational level, as well as for Corporate groups who are looking to bond with their team and immerse themselves in unforgettable moments in nature. We are not a charter company.


    Every moment is considered, and every detail is taken care of so you can truly immerse yourself in the experience. Our highly curated journeys unfold and surprise clients. Each journey is custom-built when the booking dates are fixed and includes a host of experiences at sea. These include indescribable paddleboard adventures.

    In addition to explorations of secret anchorages, intimate wildlife encounters with everything from manta rays, sharks, and vast schools of fish through to miniature seahorses, seabobs, snorkeling, hiking to panoramic viewpoints, fast boat tours to places of interest in our custom Geminis as well as meaningful local cultural and tribal experiences. We do not follow a standardized trip itinerary - but rather choose to follow the adventure, wherever it may take us.

    Luxury sailing yacht Raja Ampat Indonesia


    We facilitate rare and extraordinary experiences for Private Club Members that are life-changing. Trust in an exceptional crew with unrivaled expertise to create an adventure for the most discerning client. We cater to those seeking bucket list experiences, Family Offices, and Fortune 500 organizations.


    Our 2023/2024 Fleet will be focused on Raja Ampat, Indonesia, although we also create custom journeys further afield.

    Season: All year round

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