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Marmaris Gulet Boat Charter

An overview of Marmaris Gulet Boat Charter vacations. Marmaris is a mid-sized town on the...

An overview of Marmaris Gulet Boat Charter vacations. Marmaris is a mid-sized town on the Turkish Riviera on the Datca Peninsula. It's best known for its charming boardwalk along the sea and passing by its impressive marina. The town is nestled between two chains of mountains and the sea, with pine forests. Home to a castle most recently restored and inhabited by Suleyman the Magnificent, Marmaris boasts a centuries-long history. The cobblestone streets of the old quarter still inspire a slower pace and vacation vibe.

From Marmaris, we can arrange charters on Traditional and modern gulets complete with a crew to cater to your group.

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Places to See in Marmaris

Marmaris Castle

Most recently restored by Suleyman the Magnificent during his military expedition against Rhodes in 1522, the Marmaris Castle is a marble wonder. It was built from local marble, one of the few buildings that stood firm in the earthquake of 1957. Now, it is home to a museum with several exhibits highlighting local history and culture.

Dancing Fountains

The massive fountain in the center of Marmaris lights up and dances every evening at 9 PM. The show draws large crowds, and the town square bustle with excitement and is attractive. Grab some ice cream, find a spot on one of the many benches, and enjoy the show!

Marmaris Grand Bazaar

This is a great peek into the commercial life and culture of Turkey. In the Marmaris Grand Bazaar, you’ll find countless stalls selling everything from clothing to tea to home décor. Remember, the prices are flexible, so it’s a great place to test your bargaining skills.

Things to do While on a Bodrum Gulet Boat Charter

Take a Deep Dive

Marmaris is well known for its scuba diving, with many bays and coves that harbor unique ocean life. With more than 30 diving spots near Marmaris, it’s an attractive spot for experienced divers and newcomers to the sport alike. Even if you’ve never been scuba diving, there are instructors and tours specially designed for your first diving experience.

Snorkeling is another excellent option if you aren’t ready to go all the way down. The crystal-clear waters of Marmaris offer great underwater views. For those who prefer to stay dry, glass-bottomed boat tours offer stunning looks at the colorful life below the waves.

Enjoy the National Park

The entrance of Marmaris National Park is located just outside of Marmaris proper, and it’s easily accessible by local minibus. You can explore more than 300,000 square miles of piney hills and enjoy a quiet afternoon swimming at the secluded beaches or strolling through the Hellenistic ruins dotted throughout the park.

Bays to Anchor on a Gulet Charter

Yildiz (Star) Island

Yildiz Island is a protected area where wildlife thrives. It’s no wonder that people also call this place “Heaven Island”! You can explore caves, including the Phosphorus Cave on the island's south side and the Nimara Cave on the northeast shore. Nimara Cave has been used for religious rituals since the 5th century BC, and the cave's natural formations are wondrous in their own right.

Sedir Island

Serdir Island is located on the peninsula's north side and is home to several calm coves and ancient ruins. In addition to the fantastic beaches, you can explore the ancient city of Kedrai, including a temple to Apollo, a 5th-century basilica, and a still-standing amphitheater. 

Rhodes, Chalki, Tilos, Simi

These Greek islands are within easy reach of Marmaris. With four ports in Rhodes alone, there are several options for stopping on Greek shores. Chalki, Tilos, and Simi are smaller islands with more exclusive beaches; these islands are also well-known for their fishing and seafood offerings.

Marmaris Visitor Profile | Gulet Charter

Marmaris is an excellent place for people interested in diving and/or snorkeling. It’s also the best spot to access Rhodes from Turkey, so it’s a great connection for a trip that includes visiting Greece and Turkey.

For several years, accommodation, food, and entertainment are usually more affordable in Marmaris than in other towns such as Bodrum and Antalya. So, Marmaris is a great place to start if you’re looking for something on a budget. Marmaris is well-known for its “Bar Street,” nightclubs, and all-night beach parties throughout the summer. So, if you’re looking to party, this hopping town could be the best spot for you.

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