The Central Dalmatia island of Bisevo is located near the island of Vis. A total of 11 people live there permanently.

On Bisevo, you will find gorgeous beaches, hiking trails, and solitude. It is a genuine untouched gem of nature. During the summer, it is famous due to the Modra Spilja (Blue Cave). It is called Blue Cave because when the sunlight enters the main cavern, it is bathed in a beautiful fluorescent blue light.

Blue Cave on Bisevo, Central Dalmatia
Blue Cave on Bisevo

Bisevo | Things to see and do

  • Drop anchor in a sheltered bay. Porat is among the most popular, and it has a pebble beach and a few informal summer eateries.
  • Join an organized tour of the Blue Cave. Small tender boats take visitors into the Blue Cave, passing through a narrow tunnel to enter the main chamber. The best time to visit is around midday when the sun is at its height.
  • Hike across the islet, following old trails. Look out for wildlife – Bisevo is home to several indigenous bird species. Fortunately, there are no poisonous snakes or insects here.
  • Stargaze. It has minimal light pollution, so the nights are long and starry.
  • Birdwatch. Several indigenous species of birds live on the island.
  • Attend a drop-in yoga class. Bisevo Yoga Healing offers classes as part of the healing space program of the Biševo association. Classes are by the sea or in the Biševo Island Artist Residency in Porat Bay.
  • Visit the remains of an old Benedictine monastery at Poje.
  • See the Monk Seal Cave. The cave is located on the southeast side of the island.

After visiting Bisevo and the Blue Cave, your captain may sail for Vis or Hvar, where there are other experiences. Croatia offers wineries and historical buildings, and each island has its cuisine and wines.

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