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Peeble beach in Rabac, Croatia

Rabac | A Cheerful Seaside Resort

Rabac is a cheerful seaside resort on Istria’s east coast, overlooking Kvarner Bay. It is twinned with the nearby medieval hilltop town of Labin. Rabac started as a simple fishing village, but nowadays, it is a modest tourist destination with modern resort hotels.

Several of these are all-inclusive and cater specifically to families with kids. The hotels and pebble beaches connect to the old village by a boardwalk.

rabac croatia
Rabac Beach


Rabac has a temperate climate with hot summers and some rainfall in all months, although it rains more in the winter. The average sea temperature ranges between 61 °F in winter and 81 °F in summer. May, June, September, and October are most likely to have good weather, with average temperatures between 68°F and 79°F.

Rabac & Labin | Things to see and do

  • Hike up to Labin, following the lovely two-mile Sentona Trail.
  • Labin Old Town: Lose yourself in the winding streets while admiring Venetian architecture. Explore historic landmarks like the Town Hall and the Church of the Holy Cross.
  • Rabac Archaeological Museum: Immerse yourself in the region’s ancient history with Roman artifacts, pottery, and exhibits.
  • Go horseback riding.
  • Join a sea kayaking tour with Rabac-based Four Elements.
  • Go scuba diving with Girandella Diving.
  • Visit Dubrova Sculpture Park, near Labin, to see over 70 works in stone.
  • Dine on local specialties such as seafood, truffles, and homemade pasta at Nostromo in Rabac.
  • Shop for local handmade pottery at Merania.
  • Tour a coal mine at Narodni muzej. The town of Labin is on top of a coal mine. This small museum includes a tour of a reconstructed mine.
  • Rent a bike and explore the scenic coastal trails connecting Rabac and Labin.
  • Visit the Labin City Market for fresh produce, local delicacies, and handcrafted souvenirs.


Discover the unique flavors of the Labin area at any time of year with authentic dishes. Here you will find fresh vegetables such as wild asparagus and mushrooms, shrimp and seafood directly from the Kvarner Bay, truffles from Čepić fields, and many other native dishes.

5 Must-Try Restaurants in Rabac, Croatia:

  • La Pentola Trattoria Rabac: This charming waterfront restaurant is a local favorite, offering classic Italian dishes with a twist. Indulge in fresh seafood pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and mouthwatering risottos, all prepared with local ingredients. Enjoy stunning sea views and the warm atmosphere.
  • Black & Blue Steakhouse: For meat lovers, Black & Blue Steakhouse is a carnivore’s paradise. This stylish restaurant serves top-quality steaks cooked to perfection, alongside gourmet side dishes. They also have an extensive wine list.
  • Restoran Kapitan Rabac: Craving fresh seafood with a local touch? Restoran Kapitan is your answer. This waterfront restaurant offers stunning views and a menu bursting with the bounty of the Adriatic. Savor grilled fish, seafood stews, and traditional Croatian dishes like pljukanci (dumplings) in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Konoba Segavi: Take a step back in time at Konoba Segavi, a traditional “konoba”. Enjoy the rustic charm as you feast on homemade pasta with truffles, succulent lamb dishes, and local Istrian specialties.
  • Restaurant Galeb: Restaurant Galeb offers breathtaking sea views and delicious food. Their menu features a delightful mix of fresh seafood, pasta dishes, and grilled meats.

Marinas and Anchorages

Rabac harbor provides anchorages and berths in the port.