Krk Island

Krk is the largest and most densely populated island on the Adriatic. A bridge connects the island to the mainland near Rijeka.

krk island
Vrbnik on Krk Island, Croatia

The main destinations are Krk Town with its proud historic buildings; Baska with its one-mile-long curving pebble beach; Punat with its sailing marina; and Vrbnik, renowned for its excellent white wine.

Krk Island: Things to See and Do

  • Explore Krk Town. See the impressive 5th-century Cathedral (built over the former Roman baths) and the sturdy Frankopan Castle.
  • Visit the 16th-century Franciscan Monastery, centering on a pretty abbey, on the Kosljun islet in Punat bay.
  • Go wine tasting in the medieval hilltop village of Vrbnik. Several wineries, such as the Agricultural Cooperative Vrbnik and Gospoja, produce the esteemed white Vrbnik zlahtina.
  • Visit an olive mill. At Ulika Maslinik you can see the process of olive oil production and buy some locally produced olive oil. Enjoy olive oil tasting with dinner in the same olive grove.
  • Hike Krk’s footpaths. There are 190 miles of marked trails – some of the best follow the coast and pass through secluded coves.
  • Discover Biserukja Cave, near the village of Rudine. This is an outstanding educational experience, especially for children.
  • Krk hosts a bi-annual Krk Food Fest (spring and autumn) when numerous restaurants showcase local seasonal specialties. While here, be sure to eat at Rivica, a fine-dining restaurant in Njivice on Krk’s west coast of Krk, with moorings out front. Or, in Krk Town, head for cozy Galija with a rustic stone-and-wood interior.
  • Spend some time in the water! Make use of your yacht’s water toys after a day of exploring the island.


Local ingredients are prepared according to traditional recipes. One of the famous dishes is Krk Lamb. This Croatian specialty is roasted or grilled with young potatoes. It is one taste not to miss while visiting Krk. Local cheeses, homemade pasta, seafood, and wine are other tastes you must try on the island.

Marinas and Anchorages

There is a marina plus many safe anchorages on Krk Island.

Marina Punat. One of the largest marinas in Croatia, with 850 sea berths plus 500 dry berths. Amenities include a hotel, restaurant, water and electricity, wireless WLAN internet, security, bathrooms, playground, laundry, taxi service, and bike rentals.

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