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Rijeka's waterfront in Kvarner, Croatia.

Rijeka | Vibrant City of Contrasts

Rijeka, Croatia, nestled on the Kvarner Bay in the northern Adriatic, is a city of intriguing contrasts. It’s a bustling port city, Croatia’s third-largest, humming with maritime trade and industrial activity. Yet, beneath the surface lies a vibrant cultural pulse, a rich history spanning centuries, and a captivating charm.

This bustling city sits at the crossroads between the Kvarner region and Istria. It is an excellent place to start your Croatia Luxury Yacht Charter for sailing around the islands of the Kvarner Gulf. It lies just across the Bay from the islands of Krk and Cres, two great Croatia yacht charter destinations.


Rijeka | A City Layered in Time

Rijeka’s story stretches back to Roman times, evident in the remnants of walls and amphitheaters. Through the centuries, it has been ruled by Hungarians, Habsburgs, Italians, and Yugoslavs. Each group left their mark on the city’s architectural tapestry.

Trsat Castle: Perched atop a hill, this medieval fortress offers panoramic views. During the summer the castle courtyard transforms into an open-air theatre. Attend captivating performances, from classical plays to modern concerts, under the starlit sky.

Korzo: Stroll down this lively pedestrian street, lined with colorful buildings, trendy cafes, and charming shops. It is a microcosm of Rijeka’s modern energy.

Capuchin Church: Marvel at the ornate baroque interior and climb the 538 steps to the bell tower. Your reward is breathtaking cityscapes.

Beyond the Streets

Beyond the historical facades, Rijeka pulsates with contemporary life. Art galleries showcase local talent, museums delve into the city’s rich past, and theaters stage captivating performances.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art: Immerse yourself in Croatian and international art, from paintings and sculptures to interactive installations.

Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc: Savor a night of drama, opera, or ballet in this stunning neoclassical theater.

Trsat Nature Park: Escape the city and follow winding trails through lush forests, listen to the murmur of waterfalls, and discover grottoes teeming with life. Breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sunshine, and enjoy nature’s tranquility.

A Culinary Treasure Trove

Rijeka’s cuisine is a delicious blend of Croatian and Italian influences. Fresh seafood, succulent pasta dishes, and hearty stews are just a taste of what awaits.

Dine at Conca d’Oro. The menu includes a choice of local seafood dishes, pasta, and pizza. Informal and welcoming, it lies on a narrow side street off the Korzo.

Konoba Kantina: This cozy restaurant serves up traditional Croatian fare with a modern twist, in a charming setting.

Buffet Voltaire: Sample an array of international tapas and enjoy live music in this trendy spot.

Trattoria Al Milion: Savor authentic Italian pastas and pizzas in this traditional trattoria.

More Than Meets the Eye

Rijeka’s charm extends beyond its historic center. Explore the vibrant port area, with its bustling markets and quirky cafes. Take a ferry to the scenic island of Krk for a day trip. Or, venture to the nearby Risnjak National Park for a dose of breathtaking nature.

Shop at the City Market, close to the port. Three pavilions, built in the late 1800s, display local produce – seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, and meats.

Explore the Rijeka Tunnel, a pedestrian tunnel running under the city center. It was built from 1939 to 1942 by the Italian military to protect civilians from Allied aerial bombings during World War II.

Risnjak National Park: Hike through dense forests, spot wildlife, and breathe in the fresh mountain air in this stunning national park.

Rijeka beckons with its unique blend of history, culture, and contemporary energy. It’s a city that surprises and delights, a hidden gem waiting for you to discover.

Marinas and Anchorages in Rijeka

Port of Rijeka. The principal seaport of Croatia, overlooking Kvarner Bay. It’s in the city center of Rijeka, close to the central train and bus stations.