Kornati Islands

The Kornati Islands archipelago lies in North Dalmatia, about midway between the mainland ports of Zadar and Šibenik. The Kornati National Park consists of over 80 islands, islets, and reefs, and is named after the largest island, Kornat. This striking seascape, combining brilliant white rocks and deep blue waters, is unforgettable.

This is a back-to-nature escape of remote islets inhabited by hardy sheep and migratory birds. It is much loved by sailing crews, who appreciate the Kornati’s pristine sea, tranquil bays, and seasonal waterside eateries.

Kornati Islands, Croatia
Kornati Islands

There’s a legend that says when God created the world, he was left with a handful of white rocks. He threw them over his shoulder into the sea, planning to arrange them later. But when He turned around, He liked what He saw and left everything as it was. Hence, creating the Kornati Islands.

Things to see and do

  • Swim and snorkel in the crystal clear sea, offering excellent visibility – look out for coral, sponges, crabs, and shoals of fish.
  • Hike across the islands, following centuries-old rocky trails.
  • Try scuba diving – Murter-based Najada Diving Club offers tuition, equipment, and guides.
  • Dine on fresh seafood and Kornati lamb – highly recommended is Konoba Smokvica on Smokvica island or Konoba Levrnaka on Levrnaka, both of which have moorings out front for visiting boats.

Marinas close to Kornati Islands

Marina Kornati. This marina offers 707 berths, electricity and water, shower facilities, and 24-hour security. There’s also a restaurant at the marina.

Marina Betina. This marina is at the northern entry of the Murter Channel, northwestward from Betina, a small village on the island of Murter. It offers 180 berths, a reception area, a restaurant, a grocery store, laundry, bathrooms, electricity, fuel, and water.

Marina Hramina. Offering 400 moorings, this marina is on Murter’s northwest coast. It’s only seven nautical miles from the Kornati Archipelago. Amenities include a hotel, restaurant, laundry service, grocery store, bathrooms, beach, electricity, fuel, and water.

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