Sifnos, the island of flavors, is the birthplace of famous poets like Ioannis Gryparis, Kleanthis Triantafyllou (or Rampagas), and Aristomenis Provelegios, as well as award-winning chefs such as Tselementés. Sifnos has unique traditional villages, organized and secluded beaches, and 227 churches spread around the island.

sifnos white buildings
Panagia Chrissopigi. Photo by Demie Hadji on Pixabay.

Sifnos is, in fact, one of the busiest islands in Greece because of its commercial activities. It is called the ‘Green Island’ of the Cyclades since its inhabitants mostly rely on agriculture. In addition, Sifnos was famous for mining gold and silver during ancient times. Apart from agriculture, the island also offers a variety of quiet spots for relaxing.

Places to see | Sifnos

  • Towns and villages: Apollonía, the capital town of Sífnos (also called Hóra), Kastro Village, Kamares, Vathi Village, Faros Village, Artemonas, and Exabela.
  • The Ancient Towers of Sifnos
  • The Archaeological Museum
  • The archaeological site of Agios Andreas is located on the top of a hill on the way to Vathy from Apollonia.
  • The Church of Seven Martyrs. The Church of the Seven Martyrs is built according to the traditional Cycladic architecture – it is painted white and has a round, blue dome.
  • The Folklore Museum at the central square of Apollonia. The museum hosts many exhibits from the traditional life of Serifos.
  • The Monastery of Panagia Vryssiani. It hosts a small ecclesiastical museum.
  • The monastery of Panagia Chrissopigi is on top of a rock, literally upon the sea. This is one of the most famous spots of Sifnos and is named the protector saint of the island.

Things to do | Sifnos

  • Go to the beach. Sifnos boasts many lovely beaches, each offering something different. Visit Platis Gialos, Chrissopigi Beach, Vathi Beach, Kamares Beach, Faros Beach, Apokoftos Beach, Heronissos Beach, Vroulidia Beach, Dialiskari Beach, or Poulati Beach.
  • Hike. Exploring the island on foot is a must if you enjoy a good hike. Sifnos has over 100 km of well-marked trails.
  • Take a pottery class or a cooking class. Traditional pottery is widely produced on Sifnos, and many small pottery shops in villages like Vathi and Kamares, the island’s main port.
  • Scuba dive.
  • SUP
  • Have a picnic.


Sifnos has a typically Mediterranean climate. The summers are very sunny, and the winters are mild with infrequent heavy rain. In summer, the wind can be mighty from the north. The best time to visit is during September and springtime to avoid excessive heat (and the massive flow of tourists).


The cuisine on Sifnos gets its unique flavors from locally-grown fresh produce and spices. A typical dish is mastelo (goat or lamb washed only with local red wine then, seasoned with lots of dill, then roasted).

While in Sifnos, try the revithokeftedes or fried chickpea balls. Revithokeftedes are usually served as an appetizer; however, they can also be the main course.

Sweets include melopita (honey pie) and amygdalota (marzipan-based sweets).

If you visit Artemonas, Sifnos, in early September, you’ll enjoy the Nikolaos Tselementes Gastronomy festival. He was a Greek chef and cookbook writer born on the island of Sifnos in the late 19th century.

Sifnos Marinas and Anchorages

Even though there is only one large port on Kamares, many attractive anchorages exist. The marina at Kamares has a market, bar, and restaurant.

There are pretty anchorages in Faros, Vroulidia, Vathy, Cherronisos, and Platys Gialos.

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