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Tilos | An Unforgettable Charter Destination

Tilos is a tiny island of the Dodecanese, located between Kos and Rhodes, away from mass tourism. It’s a secluded getaway with remote beaches for ultimate privacy and charming villages—an off-the-beaten-track destination.

Aegean Sea near Tilos
Aegean Sea


Tilos Island enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature hovers around 21°C, and the island receives approximately 297 mm of rainfall per year. With 243 dry days annually and an average humidity of 64%, Tilos beckons visitors with its pleasant weather.

Places to see in Tilos

  • Livadia: As Tilos’s main port, Livadia is a delightful settlement inhabited by around 300 people primarily engaged in tourism and farming.
  • Churches: Explore the island’s rich spiritual heritage. Visit the Church of Agia Anna, the Church of Agios Nikolaos near the port, and the Church of Agios Panteleimonas.
  • Medieval Port of Agios Stefanos: Discover the historic charm of the Medieval Port of Agios Stefanos, complete with its iconic lighthouse.
  • Megalo Chorio Village: Located 7 kilometers northwest of the main port, Megalo Chorio serves as the island’s capital.
  • Medieval Castle of Tilos: This castle sits atop a hill. It The Knights of Saint John constructed this edifice during the late Byzantine period. It offers breathtaking views of the Bay of Agios Antonios. It also offers an excellent vantage point for witnessing a captivating sunset.
  • Charkadio Cave: This cavern achieved prominence in the year 1971. That was the time when geologist and speleologist Nikolaos Simeonides discovered it approximately 2km south of Megalo Chorio. It yielded Neolithic artifacts such as stone hunting tools and pottery fragments.
  • Monastery of Saint Panteleimon: This site dates back to the 15th century. The monastery stands as the primary church on the island’s remote tip.
  • Monastery of Saint John: This historical and spiritual site sits high on a hill. It offers panoramic views of the island and surrounding seas.
  • Explore Mikro Chorio: Wander through the deserted village of Mikro Chorio, which has an eerie and fascinating atmosphere. You’ll find abandoned houses and remnants of a once-thriving community.

Things to do in Tilos

  • Beach Escapes: Tilos offers a range of beaches, including the popular Livadia Beach. There are also the easily accessible Eristos Beach, the lengthy and pristine Agios Antonios Beach, and the picturesque Plaka Beach. Its narrow shape, rocky seabed, and lush coastal greenery characterize it.
  • Swimming: Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters surrounding the island.
  • Hiking: This is a great way to explore Tilos’ natural beauty, with numerous suggested routes. It’s best enjoyed during the temperate fall and spring seasons.
  • Birdwatching: Tilos is a haven for bird enthusiasts, boasting over 125 wild bird species.
  • Scuba Diving: Dive into the crystal-clear waters surrounding Tilos and discover the vibrant underwater world.
  • Windsurfing: The island’s favorable winds make it an ideal spot for windsurfing.
  • Photography: With its picturesque landscapes, charming villages, and breathtaking sunsets, Tilos provides ample opportunities for photography enthusiasts.
  • Stargazing: Tilos offers exceptional stargazing opportunities because of its limited light pollution. On a clear night, you can witness the splendor of the night sky.
  • Local Festivals: If your visit coincides with one of the island’s traditional festivals, immerse yourself in the local culture and festivities. Enjoy traditional music, dancing, and delicious food.
  • Wildlife Observation: In addition to birdwatching, Tilos is home to various other wildlife species. Keep an eye out for indigenous flora and fauna during your hikes and explorations.
  • Join Guided Tours: Join guided tours or excursions to gain in-depth knowledge of the island’s history, culture, and natural beauty. Local guides can provide valuable insights.
  • Relax and Unwind: One of the finest activities to engage in on Tilos is to find solace and rejuvenate. Embrace the island’s tranquil atmosphere, soak up the sun on pristine beaches, and enjoy the unhurried pace of life.


The local products of Tilos include thyme honey and goat cheese. Try other specialties, such as:

  • hondro (a dish made from chopped cooked wheat),
  • giaprakia (stuffed grape leaves),
  • tsouvras
  • ntomatosoupa (soup made with peeled and crushed ripe tomatoes, onions, water, salt, and pepper)