Hydra, within easy access by ferry from Athens, is a must-visit when exploring the Saronic Islands. This peaceful island is free from traffic noise since cars are not allowed, and Donkeys are the primary mode of transportation. Like many of the Greek Islands, the pace of life is slower than in the US or Athens.

Enjoy a leisurely meal at one of the tavernas on the waterfront or the many side streets. 

Colorful hillside houses in the background of Hydra Island port with boats and dock in foreground.
Hydra Island


Hydra summers are hot and sunny. Temperatures range from 25 to 38°C and sometimes rise to 44°C during July and August. Hot winds from the south blow slowly during August. The sea temperature averages 27°C. Rainfall is rare, and the humidity is low.

Places to see

  • Hydra Town is the main town with a small harbor.
  • Kaminia. This small town is within walking distance of Hydra Town, and several good restaurants offer authentic food and fantastic views.
  • The Ecclesiastical Museum. You’ll find the museum within the cloisters of Hydra’s Cathedral Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the center of the port. It’s a small museum that houses the church artifacts and regalia. Many of these items are used during services and church celebrations.
  • The Monastery of Agia Efpraxia. This all-female monastery is one of the island’s most exciting sites. To reach it, you can take the hiking trail. It’s about a 40-minute walk from town.
  • The Monastery of Agia Triada
  • The Historical Archives Museum
  • The Bastions with Cannons. These cannons were once used for protection. They surround the port of Hydra and serve as reminders of a glorious past.
  • The National Merchant Marine Academy

Things to do

  • Go to the beach. Vlychou Beach, Kaminia Beach, Hydronetta Beach, Agios Nikolaos Beach, Mandraki Beach, Bisti, Agios Georgios, Kaoumithi and Nissiza, Limnioniza
  • Scuba dive and snorkel. The underwater world around Hydra has many fascinating reefs, caves, and sea life.
  • Hike


On Hydra, traditional foods are prepared in many ways. Grilled, baked, fried, or skewered, you’re sure to find something new and exciting to taste. For example, stifado (rabbit stew with onions, red wine, and cinnamon, kleftiko (lamb marinated in garlic and lemon and slow-baked), and yemista (baked vegetables stuffed with rice).

Fish dishes are abundant and include local seafood like mullet, squid, herring, mackerel, and octopus.

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