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Skopelos | Stunning Island of Contrasts

Skopelos is an island in the Sporades Islands group. It’s an island of contrasts, at the same time exciting, tranquil, charming, and rugged. Indeed, it has something for everyone to enjoy.

Aerial view of sailboats anchored in calm aqua water near Skopelos Island.


Skopelos boasts a mild Mediterranean climate characterized by warm, dry summers and mild winters. Rainfall is more abundant during winter, ensuring the island’s lush greenery. Since it has such pleasant weather, it is an ideal destination for year-round exploration.

Places to See in Skopelos

  • Glossa Village: Glossa is a charming working village that provides an authentic glimpse into Greek life. Stroll through its picturesque streets, admire traditional architecture, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals.
  • Churches and Monasteries: Skopelos is dotted with more than 360 churches and monasteries. Explore these sacred sites, including the Monastery of Timios Prodromos, Agios Riginos Monastery, Monastery of Evangelistria, and the island’s oldest monastery, Agia Varvara.
  • Skopelos Folklore Museum: Immerse yourself in the island’s rich history and culture at the Skopelos Folklore Museum. Discover fascinating exhibits showcasing traditional customs, artifacts, and local heritage.
  • Drakondoshisma (“Dragon’s Cleft”): This dramatic natural wonder is a steep gorge that plunges into the sea on Skopelos’s southern side. According to legend, a dragon once leaped from this cliff into the sea, leaving behind a deep cleft in the mountainside, hence the name “Dragon’s Cleft.” The breathtaking scenery and mythical history make it a must-visit spot.

Things to Do in Skopelos

  • Water Sports: Skopelos offers a wide array of water sports for adventure enthusiasts. Enjoy activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding.
  • Beaches: The island boasts a variety of beautiful beaches catering to different preferences. Whether you seek tranquility at Stafilos Beach, visit the nudist-friendly Velanio Beach, or enjoy the scenic views at Panormos Beach, there’s a beach for everyone. Don’t miss the famous Kastani Beach, featured in the film “Mamma Mia!”
  • Birdwatching: Nature enthusiasts will find Skopelos’s eastern side an ideal location for birdwatching. Spot a variety of bird species, including Eleonora’s Falcon, the elegant Grey Heron, and the colorful Kingfisher. Keep an eye out for wild peacocks that roam the island, adding to its natural charm.
  • Hiking: Lace up your hiking boots and explore Skopelos’s stunning landscapes. Conquer Delphi mountain in the island’s central region, offering panoramic vistas, or venture to Palouki mountain in the southeast for more hiking adventures. The island’s diverse terrain provides hikers with both challenges and rewards.
  • Explore Historical Sites: Skopelos boasts a rich history, and exploring its historical sites can be a captivating experience. Wander through ancient ruins, archaeological sites, and remnants of past civilizations. Discover the island’s heritage as you visit historical landmarks like the old castle ruins, ancient city walls, and remnants of fortifications. These sites offer a glimpse into Skopelos’s storied past and make for intriguing excursions.


Skopelos is famous for its unique cuisine with seafood and sweets. Some of the best-known dishes are Astakos Giouvetsi (lobster baked with orzo) and Rofos Stifado (grouper cooked with onions). Many dishes include local fruit such as plums.

Olives and olive flavoring are in many traditional recipes. Other staples are feta cheese, tiropita (phyllo dough filled with cheese), and pine honey.

Marinas and Anchorages

Skopelos has three main ports: Skopelos, Agnontas and Glossa.

Limin Skopelou Marina. A small port in the main town. Amenities include water, a restaurant and bar, a grocery store, and an ATM.

Loutraki Marina. A medium-sized port in the city of Loutraki. Amenities include water, a restaurant and bar, and a grocery store.