Skyros, the largest of the Sporades islands, is an ideal destination for those who love action and want to relax on the beach. History lovers will also find plenty to experience here since several myths from Greek Mythology refer to heroes associated with the island.

White buildings on a hill in Skyros


Skyros Island has a Mediterranean climate. The island has relatively mild, rainy winters and warm, sunny summers. It is not as warm as the southern Greek islands. In the winter, it is cool and windy.

Places to See | Skyros

  • The Castle of Skyros. This Byzantine castle overlooks the main town. There’s a lovely church inside the castle called the Monastery of Agios Georgios.
  • Folk Art Museum and Archaeological Museum.
  • Mouries Farm. An organization that strives to protect the Skyrian horse.

Things to Do

  • Stroll the streets of Skyros town. The main town has a lot to offer, including cafes and boutiques. One shop, Manna, offers locally-produced goods such as handmade jam, dried figs, and sun-dried tomatoes.
  • Hike. There are quite a few footpaths on the island. Walk along and be charmed by small chapels, secluded villages, and picture-worthy landscapes.
  • Snorkel. Kalamitsa Beach has a quiet bay where the water is clear.
  • Beaches are some of the most stunning in Greece. The sand is golden, the water is clear, and the sun is warm. Choose from many locations, such as Magazia, Molos, Petritsa, and Theotokos.
  • Scuba Diving: if you want to dive, visit Gorgonia Diving Center. They offer lessons and organized dives.

Gastronomy on Skyros

Like all Greek cuisine, the flavors and aromas the chef incorporates into recipes can speak to one’s soul. There’s a prevalent use of fresh ingredients such as olive oil, fruits, and vegetables. Essential herbs include oregano, thyme, mint, and rosemary.

Marinas and Anchorages

Most of the anchorages on Skyros are on the Southwest coast. These anchorages are Ormos ay Fokas, Ormos Pevki, Stenon Valaxa, and Ormiskos Linaria.

Limited space for yachts is available at the quay in Linaria, or you can find an anchorage.

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