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Nevis and St Kitts Travel in the Caribbean

Visitors love the laid-back pace of Nevis. However, from time to time, new things happen. So here is a mix of some of the new things happening on the island, as well as a few goldie oldies that are worth the experience.

Nevis and St Kitts travel
Charlestown, Nevis. Photo by Pearl Macek.

New: A Pier Designated For St. Kitts – Nevis Water Taxis

Due to the infrequency of flights into Nevis, residents, and tourists usually arrive via the Robert L. Bradshaw International airport in St. Kitts. There is a fairly smooth-running machine in place that transports passengers to Reggae Beach were several water taxi companies ferry passengers and their luggage to Nevis. Many of the taxi drivers are in business with the captains and owners of the water taxis, so they are able to keep each other perfectly informed as to when clients are arriving, which significantly reduces wait times.

The drive across the peninsula has incredible views of both islands, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. At night time taxi drivers will wait with you until the boats have pulled alongside the pier on the St. Kitts side, which is great since it can be pretty desolate on that side of the island at night.

For a while, on the Nevis side, these water taxis docked at a couple of different piers along the coast, which would sometimes cause some discontent for other boats and/or hotels sharing those docks. This, in part, led to the construction of a cement taxi pier located just to the right of Oualie Beach Resort and the Nevis Yacht Club. The pier has a gate and plenty of light at nighttime.

Nevis and St Kitts travel
Paradise Beach. Photo by Pearl Macek

Relatively New: Great Self-Contained Villas on the Beach

Paradise Beach Nevis constructed new villas right on the beach that offer an experience on the island unlike any other. There are five, two-bedroom beach houses that offer private plunge pools, a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen, and drawbridge stairs for complete privacy. A guest has access to concierge services including a private chef.

These villas certainly seem like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but they might be short-lived. Rumor has it that they were built outside of property lines and might have to be moved. I am not privy to the ins and outs of the legal proceedings with this, so who knows what the outcome will be, and/or if anything will happen at all.

Four Seasons Resort Nevis is undergoing some renovations as well which includes a new infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea, and a new beach restaurant concept offering farm-to-table menus. The resort should finish renovations by October 2019 (so long as there is no hurricane damage) which, knowing the Nevis and the Caribbean as a whole, could be a bit of a stretch. However, no matter when the renovations are done, they are sure to impress.

What Hasn’t Changed | Nevis and St Kitts Travel

The Hermitage still offers its West Indian pig roasts every Wednesday night. For vegetarians, vegans, or anyone who doesn’t like seeing a spit-roasted pig, the experience might not be for you, but the pork is succulent and there are plenty of other dishes to choose from including tania fritters, johnnycakes, and plenty of veggie dishes.

The Hermitage is a hotel built around one of the oldest wooden houses in the Caribbean (built circa 1670) and has charming cottages scattered throughout the property. The Lupinacci family has owned and operated the hotel for decades and are some of the most hospitable people that you will ever meet.

Nevis and St Kitts travel
The Alexander Hamilton Museum. Photo by Pearl Macek.

The building that houses the Alexander Hamilton Museum is in fact where Alexander Hamilton was born. You would think that with the incredible rise of the popular Hamilton musical there would be more people visiting. Yet, it is just as sleepy as it once was. The building was originally constructed around 1680 and was later destroyed in an earthquake in 1840. The building was restored in 1983. The museum also has general information on Nevis history and culture. It is not by any standards a state-of-the-art multimedia museum, but even just stopping by and admiring the building and taking in the interconnects between the Caribbean and U.S. history, makes it worth the visit.

There are a few new things going on, but Nevis remains a sleepy island. It is ideal for relaxing and getting one of the best night’s sleep of your life. The Queen of the Caribees is most definitely worth a visit.

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