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Preference-Sheet: Key to Awesome Charter

You’ve selected the perfect yacht and the ideal destination for your yacht charter vacation. Now what? The key to making your voyage the very best is the preference sheet. This handy document provides the captain and crew with your detailed requests and “preferences” for an unforgettable holiday.

note activities on preference sheet
Enjoy kayaking? Note it on your preference sheet—photo by Joshua Coleman on Unsplash.

Yacht Charter Preference Sheet

The preference sheet is a place to record basic information and particular requests. Some of the things you will list include:

  • Names and contact information for all guests
  • Airline and hotel information

Consult everyone in your group. Even though you may think you know what your friends like to eat, check in with them to be specific. Also, remember that some products are limited in the islands. The crew will make every effort to accommodate your requests, however.

Some specific questions include:

  • Do you like a hearty or light breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Should desserts be served after lunch as well as after dinner?
  • Do you plan to dine ashore, and how many times?
  • How many bottles of beer, soda, juice, and water per person per day? Although this may seem very detailed, once you set sail, grocery stores are few and far between.
  • Other specifics may include what activities you enjoy, whether you want to mingle with the crew or have more privacy, etc.

Of course, you should note any medical conditions.

Yacht Charter Planning: Be Specific

Make a note of any critical medical conditions, allergies, or food preferences, such as specific diets, including plant-based, gluten-free, keto, etc.

Sushi appetizer on Shangri La
Sushi appetizer on Shangri La.

Start Early

Start yacht charter planning early. Think about any special events you would like to celebrate, such as a birthday, anniversary, or milestone. Are there any activities you want to do, such as hiking or scuba diving? You’ll be surprised to know that the preference sheet even lists the most minor details, such as shoe size. That’s so the crew will surely have the right size flippers for your snorkeling adventures!

Snorkeling in the BVI

Get Everyone Involved

Get together with your traveling group as soon as possible and start planning. Planning is part of the joy of traveling, so perhaps your group may want an island-themed planning party. Leave nothing to chance. Be creative and think of things you might not get a chance to enjoy at home. Such as exotic cocktails or certain fresh seafood such as lobster.

A tropical cocktail
Try a tropical cocktail.

Include the Kids, Too

Let the kids get in on the planning as well. Remember if the kids are happy, everyone is happy, even if they want to simply eat burgers and fries or familiar sandwiches for lunch.

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