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Submarine-Dive With Luxury-Yacht SuRi

Submarine Dive w SuRi in the Solomon’s & Papua New Guinea Luxury Superyacht SuRi is offering charters...

Submarine Dive w SuRi in the Solomon’s & Papua New Guinea

Luxury Yacht SuRi chartering in the Sea of Cortez summer of 2012
SuRi – Luxury Yacht

Luxury Superyacht SuRi is offering charters during July and August 2015 in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. Onboard is the ultimate underwater exploration machine, a new 2015 model C-Explorer 3 from U-Boat Worx.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the deep wrecks from World War 2 and some of the best marine life in the world, all without getting your feet wet!

Luxury Super Yacht SuRi

SuRi is a magnificent expedition yacht. She was originally launched in 1978 and converted in 2007. The steel hull and superstructure with the added benefit of extended range. This extended range is made possible through a large fuel reserve on board. Having plenty of fuel makes SuRi the perfect choice for venturing into exotic and demanding areas of the globe.

SuRi comfortably sleeps 12 in the guest party and 14 in the crew. On top of this, there are 3 extra luxury cabins for guest staff such as nannies, guides, pilots etc… All together SuRi can sleep up to 36 guests. SuRi and its professional team will ensure your journey is a memorable one.

SuRi Charter Destinations: New Zealand, South Pacific, South America, Antarctica

Diving in the Solomon Islands

Meet crocodiles, sharks, turtles and dolphins, dugongs, rays, eels, as well as all kinds of fish, sponges, anemones, and coral. Explore not only reefs, coral gardens, drop-offs, ledges, gutters, and other marine landscapes but also numerous World War II wrecks, including ships and aircraft.

Some popular dive spots include The Toa Maru wreck, near Gizo, a 130-meter Japanese transport ship. Nearby Gizo also has several fighter plane wrecks and some excellent big fish diving. Another popular spot is Uepi. The Marovo Lagoon has countless species visible in the top 5-10 meters and “The Slot,” a stunning 2000m (6000ft) marine abyss to discover.

The Florida (Nggela) Islands are only an hour by boat from the capital, Honiara, and offer more excellent wreck and reef dives near the old war-torn capital of Tulagi. The Solomon’s are rich with undiscovered marvels, and have consistently warm waters, averaging 27 degrees centigrade, which is frequently crystal clear.

Diving in Papua New Guinea

This is a place to dive with atmosphere, adventure, and crystal clear waters. Throughout the region, you will find deep or shallow reefs, coral walls, sheer drops, barrier reefs, atolls, passages, lagoons, wrecks, and a unique variety of species.

One distinguishing feature of Papua New Guinea is the closeness of dive sites to the islands. Another appealing feature of diving here is the deep water with reef walls dropping up to 1000 feet or more, that can be found just a few feet from the shore in many areas, including most of the northern coastline, on the southern shores of New Ireland and New Hanover as well in some areas of the Milne Bay. In the more sheltered bays such as Kimbe Bay in West New Britain, the coral is vast.

Scattered above and below the waterline around Papua New Guinea are hundreds of wrecks of boats, planes, barges, and submarines. Many of them are from War World 2 and some are still in excellent condition. Rabaul, Kavieng, Loloata (Port Moresby) and Madang are good places to go for wreck diving.

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