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Super-Yacht Crew Helps Orphanage

The crew of the super-yacht charter AT LAST donated their time to an orphanage in...

The crew of the super-yacht charter AT LAST donated their time to an orphanage in Nassau, Bahamas. Their help made a difference in many young lives.

(Article is from Churchill Yacht Partners – Charter Management)
When the crew of the superyacht AT LAST Chief Stewardess Joanne Farrell decided she wanted to do something special for her birthday and visit an orphanage, she found this orphanage in Nassau. Joanne, the other AT LAST crew, and their local provisioner are now regular visitors and contributors to the home.

Super-Yacht Crew Helps Orphanage

Ambassador Chorale International Association

The organization assisting these children is called Ambassador Chorale International Association, run by Reverend Michael Bullard. Rev. Bullard provides a service to the community by taking in orphaned children. He also provides a care center for children to come to temporarily. Some parents, unable to care for their children, drop them off at the care center. Later, they may pick up the children.

Since the care center is not state-subsidized it relies solely on support from the community. M/Y AT LAST is based in Nassau and her crew visits the home whenever they can to play with the children, take toys and other donations to them, and most importantly, spend valuable time with them as big sisters and brothers.

There are always anywhere between 18 and 30 children present at a time. The majority of the children reside at the orphanage, but some faces will change from time to time. The ages range anywhere from 2 years old right up to 18 years of age.

Through discussions with Reverend Bullard, they identify what physical needs the home has, such as beds, linens, bathing products, generators, wheelbarrows to remove rubble, etc. The crew raises funds any way they can: collecting donations from friends, pooling a percentage of charter gratuities, etc. to purchase the items needed. They prefer to show our support in this fashion, as opposed to handing over the cash. This way, they can rest assured that the money will always be used to the benefit of the children, irrespective of who their caretakers are.  The most recent acquisition was a generator.

Superyacht AT LAST is available for charter in the Bahamas year-round. Call us at 321-777-1707 for more information.

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