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Sweden Stockholm Archipelago

Explore 70-foot SWAN 651 S/Y Ichiban, Sweden Yacht Charters. Sail the amazing Stockholm Archipelago on...

Explore 70-foot SWAN 651 S/Y Ichiban, Sweden Yacht Charters. Sail the amazing Stockholm Archipelago on the amazing classic Swan yacht S/Y Ichiban

In 2017 S/Y Ichiban will take guests on sailing adventures along the Baltic Sea with Stockholm Archipelago as its base. Exciting destinations, like Gotland (Sweden’s largest island with a landscape often comparable to the Mediterranean), as well as the Baltic States of “Latvia” and “Estonia,” are must-see stops along the route.

Sweden yacht charters with S/Y Ichiban

The Interior

The unique oval salon of S/Y Ichiban transports you to a realm of luxury, functionality, and intimacy. A harmonized blend of mahogany and creamy white leather furnishes the chic interior. Balanced with details of art and symmetry, the oval salon accommodates eight persons comfortably for dining or relaxing.

Guests onboard S/Y Ichiban - Stockholm Archipelago and Baltic Sea
Guests onboard S/Y Ichiban

At the day´s end, complete with a gourmet dinner, snuggle down in S/Y Ichiban´s cozy sleeping quarters. Drift from one dream to another by soothing gentle motion while tucked in the warmth and comfort.

On Deck

The layout is sophisticated, functional, and still capacious enough for a relaxing time. Indeed, onboard S/Y Ichiban you’ll always feel comfortable.

One of the outstanding features of the extended SWAN 651 is her aft deck offering the best vantage point under sail. Enjoy the beauty of the sunset, take pleasure in a sumptuous culinary experience, or just feel on top of the world in front of this unmatched view.

Sailing Itinerary of Stockholm Archipelago and the Baltic Sea

The perfect route, scheduled by the weather and the wind

Here is a sample itinerary for a one-week sailing in the archipelago built on a few highlights, natural harbors, villages, and islands. The best sailing trips are planned between you and your Captain. Your Captain will take into consideration weather conditions, what type of sailing you are expecting, and what kind of overnight places you prefer.

S/Y Ichiban sailing the Stockholm Archipelago
S/Y Ichiban sailing the Stockholm Archipelago

Highlights of the Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is often described as a sailing paradise. There are certainly countless opportunities here. Whatever weather, wind force, or wind direction there is, great sailing is always at hand. There are several small harbors in the archipelago area and thousands of natural ones, so finding a spot to overnight is a breeze.

The archipelago consists of 33,000 islands and the total area covers around 3,500 square km, making it one of the biggest archipelagos in the world!  The Stockholm Archipelago was first inhabited over 1000 years ago and by the 17th century, all places hidden from the bad weather were populated. Today 70 % of the archipelago belongs to the nonprofit organization “Skärgårdsstiftelsen”, who’s committed to keeping it free of building projects and other environmentally unfriendly projects.

The character of the landscape is very different close to the mainland compared to the outer archipelago. The landscape close to shore, and on bigger islands, consist of large trees and robust topography. The islands further out have fewer and smaller trees that incline away from the winter storms and bare rocks outcroppings shaped by the ice 10,000 years ago.

There are plenty of small villages to visit on the islands. Some are former mining villages while others are major hubs for sailing with large harbors. Visiting the islands is a nice way to discover Swedish culture and learn about how people lived in the archipelago hundreds of years ago.

Sunset in the Baltic Sea
Sunset in the Baltic Sea

Highlights in the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea offers a wide spectrum of destinations outside the Stockholm Archipelago. Gotland, with its spectacular landscape, is one day sailing away. The big island offers fantastic beaches and a lot of historic places. The Finnish archipelago contains about 60,000 islands. In this archipelago, there are fewer houses and yachts than on the Swedish side. Passing Gotland and extended sailing on open water for 24 hours lies the Baltic states of “Estonia” and “Latvia”. These countries are developing very rapidly, but you can still see remains from when they belonged to Russia.

There are eight countries with coastlines in the Baltic Sea. Sweden has the longest coastal shoreline with Finland as a close second.  The water in the Baltic Sea is brackish, and therefore the fauna is very different from the other side of Sweden, where the water is saltier. The Atlantic current brings in warm water and southwesterly winds, giving Scandinavia a mild climate.

The Vikings inhabited Gotland island from the year 700-900 and left behind small houses, harbors, and graves still visible today. Gotland has a very strategic position in the Baltic, and therefore, there have been several battles on the island.  Nature in this part of the Baltic is quite different, with sandy beaches and no rocks. Today Visby is a fantastic summer town with lots of restaurants, clubs, and bars. North of Gotland lies an amazing island called Gotska Sandön, whose landscape often is compared to the Mediterranean.

Allow Luxury Yacht Charters, a division of CKIM Group, to help you plan your Sweden yacht charters vacation with S/Y Ichiban.

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