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Top Wines of Vittoria and Southern Sicily

With recent tourism development, there’s no better time to explore the top wines of Vittoria...

With recent tourism development, there’s no better time to explore the top wines of Vittoria and Southern Sicily. Sicily’s abundance of delicious local wines makes it easy to overlook some interesting yet less famous varietals.

The ancient Greek city of Syracuse is a perfect home base to explore the viticulture area of Noto. It is only one hour from Catania. While on the opposite coast, Baroque cities like Modica and Ragusa put you in the heart of another great wine area.

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Cerasuolo di Vittoria 

Sicily’s only DOCG wine denomination sits at the foot of the Hyblaean mountains in southeastern Sicily. Named a DOC initially in 1973, Cerasuolo di Vittoria has since been elevated to DOCG status in 2005. However, winemaking has always been a part of its identity.

The agricultural town of Vittoria was established in 1607 by Vittoria Colonna Henriquez. Notably, she was the widow of the count of nearby Modica, cousin of the King of Spain. Striving to increase wine production drastically, Vittoria granted a hectare of land to the first 75 settlers. Of course, this was in exchange for cultivating more grapevines in the area.

As recognized centuries ago, Vittoria is well suited to grape growing. The Drillo and Ippari rivers and the Hyblaean Mountains to the northeast heavily influence the area. 

The cooler nights and dry breezes help grapes maintain acidity while they ripen slowly. The climate and rich soils also allow winemakers to work organically more easily. In fact, nearly half of the 28 producers are doing so today.

A dynamic wine, Cerasuolo gets its name from the word cherry, a characteristic you can both taste and smell. The DOCG requires that wines must comprise 50%-70% Nero d’Avola and 30-50% Frappato.

While both grapes are native to Sicily, Nero d’Avola is the most widely planted red variety. In Cerasuolo wines, it imparts the black fruit body and structure. Contrastingly, Frappato provides bright cranberry and cherry character, along with acidity. Together, they indeed are a winning, age-worthy combination.

Look for top Cerasuolo di Vittoria examples from COS, Arianna Occhipinti, and Valle Dell’Acate.

Top Wines of Vittoria and Sicily
Top Wines of Vittoria and Sicily

Nero D’Avola

One of Cerasuolo’s two grapes has ancient roots in the neighboring province of Syracuse. Known as the black grape (Nero in Italian), Nero d’Avola began its life around the small town of Avola. Today, the viticulture area, the Val di Noto (Valley of Noto), is where you’ll still find the best expressions.

Sunny and dry days with very little rainfall allow Nero d’Avola to fully mature, so much so that overproduction has been a problem. Unfortunately, this was widespread across southern Italy in the 19th and early 20th centuries. As was common, the region prioritized bulk wine, piping it down to nearby port towns for transport to northern Italy. 

Fortunately, after a period of abandonment, outside investment from Tuscan and western Sicilian winemakers helped revive Nero d’Avola vineyards. The area is now thriving with improved growing methods, yield limits, and a focus on quality. Subsequently, full-bodied, inky, and spicy Nero d’Avola reds are gaining notoriety and international importance. Akin to silky Syrah from France, they pair well with strong cheeses, meats, and stews.

Seek out great Nero d’Avola wines from Cantina Palmeri, Tenuta La Favola and Assennato.

Moscato di Siracusa 

Native to Siracusa (Syracuse) province, Moscato Bianco (aka Moscato di Alessandria) is an aromatic white grape with various biotypes. Here in Siracusa, winemakers use it to make both sweet and dry wines. However, they are in very small productions that typically never leave Sicily.

Beautifully aromatic, the wines are typically medium to full-bodied with floral notes. In addition, you can find them as single varietals, as well as blended with other Sicilian grapes like Albanello.

Top Wines of Vittoria and Sicily
SP68 Moscato White Blend from Arianna Occhipinti in Sicily, Italy.

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Luxury Yacht Charter to Vittoria, Sicily: A Voyage of Elegance and Charm

A luxury yacht charter to Vittoria, Sicily, promises a journey of elegance and charm. Vittoria is a hidden gem in southeastern Sicily with an authentic Italian vibe. As your yacht approaches the marina, get ready to explore the enchanting town.

Discovering the Historical Treasures

Vittoria has many historic buildings that tell stories from the past. Walking through the streets, you can see well-preserved old structures that show the town’s rich history. Some of these buildings have beautiful Baroque-style designs with intricate details on their facades. They give you a glimpse into the art and architecture of the past.

One remarkable example is the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, which reflects the town’s religious heritage. These historical buildings are like living treasures offering a connection to the town’s past and making exploring it even more fascinating.

Savoring the Sicilian Delights

While in Vittoria, you’ll enjoy trying the delicious Sicilian food. Vittoria is also well-known for making some of Italy’s best wines, like the famous Cerasuolo di Vittoria. You can set up a wine tasting at a local vineyard and try these special wines with tasty regional dishes.

A Yachter’s Paradise

Vittoria, Sicily, is a dream destination for yacht lovers, with luxurious amenities and top-notch marinas. The stunning Mediterranean sunset views from your yacht’s deck make for unforgettable evenings dining under the stars.

A Captivating Blend of History and Luxury

A luxury yacht charter that includes Vittoria, Sicily, offers a captivating blend of history, luxury, and coastal beauty. This voyage promises adventure at every turn, from discovering historical treasures in the town to savoring Sicilian culinary delights. Whether you want to explore, relax, or dine, Vittoria is the perfect setting for an unforgettable luxury yacht charter.

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