Allan Cay

Allan Cay is located in the Northern Exuma Islands, about thirty-seven miles southeast of Nassau, Bahamas. This long, thin cay has very few trees.

Allen Cay
Iguanas on Allan Cay


In Allan Cay, the summers are hot, humid, and partly cloudy. The winters are comfortable, humid, dry, and mostly clear. Tropical breezes blow year-round. The temperature typically varies from 70°F to 88°F and is rarely below 65°F or above 90°F.

Allan Cay: Things to see and do

The cay is uninhabited, and the main attraction is Allen’s Cay Iguanas. One of the few places where you can still find these gentle but fearsome-looking creatures. The iguanas are protected by law and are friendly and welcoming to visitors who bring them vegetables and fruits.

Be cautious when interacting with the iguanas, not only because they are endangered and protected by law but also because they are still wild animals. Place a piece of lettuce or perhaps a grape tomato on a long stick and hold it out. Then, let them come to you.

Two other species call this cay home. They are Audubon’s Shearwater seabird and the Bahama Yellowthroat. The Audobon’s Shearwater is a small back-and-white bird with a relatively long tail and somewhat rounded wings. It usually flies low to the water. The Bahama Yellowthroat is a colorful bird living in the island’s thick, low scrub. It makes its nests near the ground.

Other activities to do while on this small cay include:

  • Snorkel Flat Rock Reef which is close to Allan’s Cay. Also, Barracuda Shoal which beyond the northern end of the cay.
  • Bring your yoga mat to the beach for a morning sunrise salutation.
  • Explore the beach.
  • Cast a line in the water and try your luck catching a fish.
  • Swim in the calm cove.
  • Jet ski, kayak, or SUP

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