Norman Cay

Norman Cay is a small island in the Exumas, the Bahamas, about a hundred acres in size. An island with a spirit and a story despite its small size. It has been home to pirates, drug lords such as Carlos Lehder, filmmakers, explorers, writers, fishermen, and marine biologists throughout history. As popular as Norman Cay has become over time, it is almost untouched by man today.

Norman Cay Bahamas
Norman Cay

Norman Cay is south of Highborne Cay as you sail the Exuma Cays from the north. There are good places for scuba diving in the Cay between Highborne Cay and the island.

If your yacht has scuba diving gear or an Aquasafari Dive Instructor on board, you can enjoy the beautiful marine world. Aquasafari takes care of every detail of your dive and even goes with you underwater.

Six miles long and one thousand feet wide, Norman’s Cay is one of the longest islands in the Exumas. The island has an airport where charter flights can operate, and this provides an option for charter guests to join their yacht or depart for Nassau instead of sailing back to New Providence.

Norman Cay | Things to see and do

  • Enjoy drinks or a meal at MacDuff’s Bar and Grill. Relaxed beach restaurant surrounded by tropical trees and flowers. Great place for burgers, vegetarian options, and rustic chic appeal.
  • Swim at the beaches on the island, especially at the south end of the island.
  • Scuba Dive. Dead Head Wall is a wall dive in about 70 feet of water.
  • Cast a line for bonefish around the island.
  • Catch conch and enjoy a conch salad.
  • Go caving at the northwest tip of the island.
  • Explore the nearby cays with your tender.


Here the weather is the same as in the northern Exumas. Hot and steamy summers and winter is comfortable; however, sometimes, there is a cold front. The water temperature is excellent for swimming and snorkeling. The temperature varies from 70°F to 88°F and is rarely below 65°F or above 90°F.

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