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Marina Cay

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Marina Cay is a small island between Camanoe Island and Scrub Island in the BVI. Although it was impacted by recent hurricanes, it is still an idyllic spot to spend a day soaking up the sun. The anchorage offers excellent snorkeling. And, at night, if you have underwater lights, it’s like an aquarium.

Relax with a tropical drink. Photo by Tyler Nowak on Unsplash.

Marina Cay: Things to see and do

  • Enjoy the tropical scenery. You can see the surrounding islands and the airplanes landing at Beef Island airport.
  • Snorkel. There is excellent snorkeling on the reef around the island. And, there’s an underwater red phone booth! It was once an icon on the shore but was blown into the water by a recent hurricane.
  • Shop. When at anchor, look for Aragorn’s boat shop. This unique floating boutique travels from boat to boat offering various crafts, fresh bread, and tropical organic fruits. Aragorn also has a store on the shore.
  • Visit Scrub Island for lunch or dinner.


Like other islands in the BVI, this island enjoys warm to hot days year-round. Passing rain showers and light breezes help keep you cool.


There are no marinas on Marina Cay, however moorings are available. The closest marina is on Scrub Island.