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Scrub Island | Private Island Paradise

A postcard-perfect destination, Scrub Island is located approximately 74 miles east of Puerto Rico. The island is 28 miles NE of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas USVI, and 1.66 miles north of Trellis Bay. Formed by volcanic activity, the island is 1.6 mi long and has 230 acres. The mountainous island’s highest eastern peak reaches 438 feet, and the highest western peak reaches 313 feet.

This idyllic island is a great destination to visit on your BVI yacht charter vacation. Stay for the day, or spend the night in the accommodating Scrub Island Marina.

The surrounding islands, including Scrub, were untouched until pirates and buccaneers found them. It is said that the location was originally named after these seafarers. Scrub comes from sailors stopping here to scrub barnacles off of their ships’ hulls.

Scrub Island
Scrub Island Marina


Average temperatures are warm to hot all year, with a chance of rain throughout the year. The hottest months are August, July, and September.

Scrub Island | Things to See and Do

Scrub Island Resort

Indulge yourself with a visit to the Spa at Scrub Island Resort. Dine at one of the resort’s restaurants. You’ll find everything from casual deli meals, picnic provisions, romantic beach dining, a laid-back bar and grill-cuisine.

Explore Underwater

Snorkel or dive at Diamond Reef. Reached by boat, Diamond Reef lies just off the coast of Great Camanoe, a mere two-minute ride from Scrub Island. Legend has it that this diving site earned its name from a local tale. Years ago, a newlywed couple had a fierce argument, resulting in the bride dramatically throwing her ring into the ocean’s depths.

This vibrant reef is home to colorful tropical fish and other marine species. Marine life, such as sergeant majors, grey snappers, blue Chromis, tiny wrasses, parrotfish, mackerels, garden eels, stingrays, and turtles, greet you as you swim.

Reel in the Big One

Go fishing. The waters around Scrub Island are superb for fishing, especially since the island is close to the North Drop. Famous for its abundance of blue marlin bites, this spot is hailed as the top location in the Caribbean for anglers seeking these prized catches.

Learn to Sail

Learn to sail. The Offshore Sailing School offers classes for beginners and experienced sailors. If you are already a sailing fan, visit in March for the BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival.

Marina | Scrub Island

Scrub Island Marina. This 55-slip full-service marina can accommodate vessels up to 160 feet. Some exclusive amenities include two restaurants, a gourmet market, Ixora Spa, a fitness facility, restrooms, showers, use of the main resort pool and beach, kayaks and paddleboards, and a boutique.