Croatia Gulet Fortuna Toric family

Gulet Fortuna is an elegant mahogany gulet, built in Turkey in 1994 and now used for private charters on the Adriatic. She has six cabins (sleeping 12), making her ideal for small groups of family or friends. We met the lovely Torić family, who own and crew Fortuna, to find out more. The boat On […]

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Croatia Cuisine - Peka Dish

Croatian Cuisine

Croatian cuisine reflects the country’s complicated history and geography. Through the centuries, three great powers ruled parts of Croatia: Venice on the coast, Austro-Hungary inland, plus the Ottoman Turks, arriving from the east. For example, the Venetians brought brodet (fish casserole) and rižot (risotto) to Dalmatia and Istria. Austria gave Zagreb its much-loved odrezak (schnitzel), […]

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Covered Fish market in Rijeka

Croatian Specialty Dishes

Here we look at regional Croatian specialty dishes, which you are likely to taste while sailing the Adriatic coast. Octopus Salad On a hot summer day, salata od hobotnica (octopus salad) makes an enticing appetizer. Served cold, it combines chunks of tender octopus, chopped onion, parsley, olive oil and vinegar. Local variations might see the […]

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