Greek Easter Holiday Yacht-Charter

Imagine sailing aboard a luxurious yacht with your family and friends through the beautiful waters of Greece. You’ll sail and explore the Greek coastlines while enjoying delicious food, unique architecture, and age-old customs. This year, the Greek Easter holiday is from April 18 to 25, 2022. Reserve your Greek Easter Holiday Yacht-Charter soon and participate in a memorable celebration.

Greek Easter Holiday Yacht Charter


What Makes a Greek Easter Special?

  • The weather. It is an ideal time of the season! The weather is warming up, the seas are calm, and spring is blooming.
  • The festive atmosphere. Each day is different during Holy Week. What’s more, the atmosphere is fantastic – on each island in the evening, you will hear the church bells tolling and feel the energy as the locals celebrate.
  • The traditions. On Good Friday, a candlelit funeral procession takes place in every church. The procession takes place outside, with everyone holding candles. On the night of Holy Saturday, fireworks light up the sky, and the atmosphere becomes festive. The restaurants open up after midnight. Then, it’s time for the Greek Easter egg-cracking tradition, where each person picks an egg and clinks it against someone else’s egg. The participants say to each other: “Christ has risen!”
  • The food. Like most Christian holidays, food plays a significant role during Greek Easter. On Easter Sunday, the traditional spit-roasted lamb is cooked for hours. The aroma permeates the streets, and music and singing can be heard everywhere. You can even enjoy a traditional Greek Easter dinner aboard your private yacht.
Santorini for a Greek Easter Vacation
Santorini. Photo by Giuseppe Dio on Pixabay.

Who Should Go On a Greek Easter Holiday Yacht Charter?

You should go on a Greek Easter Holiday yacht-charter if you want to:

  • enjoy a vacation that it both relaxing and adventurous
  • experience the Greek Easter weekend like a local
  • look into the many traditions and religious customs surrounding the Greek Easter holiday
  • participate in authentic celebrations
  • visit the islands when the wildflowers are blooming, and the hillsides are fresh with new green grass
  • sample delicious food and wine

What Yacht Is Right for Me?

There are many yachts from which to choose for your Greek Easter holiday yacht charter. For larger groups and families, a more spacious boat, such as a motor yacht, is a good choice. Click on the links below to see examples of motor yachts.

Where can you charter a yacht in Greece?

  • Cyclades Islands – Southeast of mainland Greece, the Aegean Sea awaits you with enchanting islands like Naxos and Delos.
  • Dodecanese Islands – Situated off the western coast of Turkey, the 15 Dodecanese Islands feature a fascinating blend of cultures.
  • Ionian Islands – More sheltered from the Summer winds, the beautiful Ionian Islands make for a convenient charter trip from Athens.
  • Saronic Islands – Churches, museums, historic sites, and great beaches sum up the Saronic Islands, a quick journey from Athens.
  • Sporades Islands – Ancient sites and natural beauty await you in the Sporades. Hike, kayak, scuba, or treat yourself to delicious seafood.

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