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Greek Fun | Athens to Monemvasia to Athens Itinerary

A seven-night yacht charter from Athens to Monemvasia to Athens takes you to stunning Greek Islands. This route combines the Saronic Gulf, Peloponesse, and Cyclades Islands.

Please note that this is only a sample itinerary. Your Captain will work with you to design a trip that suits your interests and desires.

Day 1 | Athens to Poros – 29 NM

Board your yacht and set sail for Poros. Poros offers a lovely combination of pine tree forests and small bays. The distance between Athens and Poros is about 29 nautical miles.

Athens to Monemvasia to Athens Itinerary
Poros, Greece. Photo by Peter Boccia on Unsplash.

Places to see

  • Poros Town. Poros town is a pleasant place with beautiful neoclassical and Venetian buildings and cobbled streets.
  • The clock tower.
  • Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi. Located on the slope of a pine forest 4km east of the central city of Poros.

Things to do

  • Walk the waterfront adorned with shops, cute cafés, and restaurants serving delicious local cuisine.
  • Visit the famous ‘lemon forest,’ a hill with over 30,000 lemon and orange trees. It is a UNESCO-protected natural beauty area.
  • Dine. You will certainly find something delicious since Poros has numerous restaurants.

Day 2 | Poros to Spetses – 38NM

Continue your journey to Spetses. The main town, also called Spetses, is significant by island standards. The attrac­tive Old Harbour is busy with yachts and focuses on the island’s nightlife.

Places to see

  • Bouboulina’s Museum.
  • Agia Paraskevi Beach.
  • Bekiri Cave. Bekiri’s Cave is a unique spot of natural beauty.
  • Spetses Museum.
  • The historical square of Dapia at the harbor.
  • The Mansion of Boumboulina.

Things to do

  • Visit the Old Port. Walk along the waterfront and find many restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs.
  • Enjoy the fabulous weather. Like in southern Greece, Spetses has a warm Mediterranean climate and sunshine all year long, especially in summer and spring.
  • If you’re visiting in September, witness the biggest of the island’s celebrations, the Armata. It involves a fleet of the island’s boats, music, and fireworks to honor a naval victory during the Greek Revolution.
  • Tour the island. You can bicycle or even ride a horse.

Day 3 | Spetses to Nafplion – 20NM

Nafplion makes a perfect base for exploring the region’s history and fabulous beaches.

Athens to Monemvasia to Athens Itinerary
Nafplio, Greece. Photo by Dario Morandotti on Unsplash.

Places to see

  • Agamemnon’s citadel at Mycenae is a worthwhile inland excursion. Discovered in 1874, the hilltop ruins are an evocative introduction to the area’s bloody ancient history.
  • Venetian Castle. Constructed in 1686 by the Venetians, the Palamidi Castle stands 216 meters above sea level.

Things to do

  • Private Walking Tour.
  • Take in History. Many noteworthy museums in town can provide further insight into the area’s culture and history.

Day 4 | Nafplion to Monemvasia – 56 NM

On day four, drop anchor at Monemvasia. You’ll first notice that this fortress town, also called Monemvasia, sits on a towering slab of rock.

Places to see

  • Upper town. Here you’ll see breathtaking views and explore an extensive network of ruins.
  • Ayia Sofia is a well-preserved thirteenth-century former monastery.
  • Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia.

Things to do

  • Shop and dine in Yefira, on the mainland, which has plenty of shops and restaurants.
  • Take an olive oil tour.

Day 5 | Monemvasia to Elafonisos – 34 NM

The small island of Elafonisos is a beach paradise. The sand is powder soft and white, and the water is a stunning shade of turquoise.

Athens to Monemvasia to Athens Itinerary
Elafonisos, Greece. Photo by Nick Panourgias on Unsplash.

Apart from a cluster of houses and tavernas around the harbor, little else exists here. This is an excellent opportunity to relax on your Athens to Monemvasia to Athens itinerary.

The most stunning beach is Simos, which is popular with kite surfers.

Day 6 | Elfonisos to Milos – 86 NM

Milos is the ‘island of colors’ because the volcanic activity has created dramatically hued beaches, rocks, and water.

Milos, Greece. Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash.

Fascinatingly, Milos was where archaeologists found the Venus de Milo in 1820, lying dusty and forgotten in the ruins.

Places to see

  • Plaka, the capital of Milos. Photograph traditional whitewashed houses, narrow alleyways, and colorful courtyards.
  • Castle of Milos.
  • Folk and Archaeological Museum.
  • Adamas is a seaside village and the main port. The village has many churches and beaches and a vibrant nightlife.

Things to do

  • See the Milos catacombs.
  • Visit the beach. Sarakiniko is the most famous beach in Milos and one of the most often photographed landscapes in the Aegean.
  • Dive. There are two dive centers on the island of Apollonia.
  • Ride a horse.
  • Kayak.
  • Rock climb.
  • Windsurf.
  • Try local products such as thyme honey, cheese, tomatoes, oranges, and watermelon.

Day 7 | Milos to Serifos – 29 NM | Athens to Monemvasia to Athens

Today, Serifos greets you with white villages, quiet harbors, golden beaches, and barren hills with stunning views.

Serifos, Greece. Photo by Eleni Afiontzi on Unsplash.

Places to see

  • The Archaeological Museum of Serifos in Piatsa Square, Chora.
  • Church of Agios Konstantinos.
  • Grias Castle is above Koutalas.
  • The Monastery of Agioi Taxiarches. On the northern side of Serifos Island, close to Galani village.
  • The old mines in Megalo Livadi. The mining history of Serifos is significant. In fact, from ancient times, the mines flourished and gave prosperity to the islanders.

Things to do

  • Numerous outdoor activities, such as hiking, rock climbing, diving,
  • Spend the afternoon strolling Chora town’s bars, tavernas, and shops.
  • Beach-goers will have plenty of beaches to choose from while visiting Serifos Island. In fact there are rocky, pebbly, or sandy beaches, all lapped by crystal blue waters. You can reach the beaches by car, walking trails, or sea.

Milos is one of the top sights on the Athens to Monemvasia to Athens itinerary.

Day 8 | Serifos to Athens – 67 NM

Return to Athens and the end of this Athens to Monemvasia to Athens itinerary.