Charming Spetses, part of the Saronic Islands, is a popular weekend destination due to its closeness to Athens. The island flourished with trade in Medieval times, and the locals constructed elegant mansions that survive today. The town is large and ideal for long walks.

Calm aqua water in front of colorful buildings on Spetses Island Greece.

Spetses is a place of charm, traditional values, pine forest, and many visitors during the summer months. The streets are narrow, with a picturesque harbor and charming waterfront. No cars are allowed on the island.


The island has a warm, Mediterranean climate. Summer in Spetses is hot and sunny, like in most places in Greece, and temperatures range from 25°C to 38°C.

Places to see

  • Cave of Bekiris – This is one of the most beautiful and challenging spots to reach on the island of Spetses.
  • Church of Panagia Armata – (Virgin of the Armata, which means Armed Virgin in Greek) is a white and yellow chapel located on a hill above the old port of Spetses.
  • Hatziyiannis Mexis Mansion – The Mansion of Mexi is a magnificent 200-year-old building with a high-ceiling roof. Built during 1795-1798, the Archontiko (Mansion) of Hatzigiannis Mexis used to belong to the island’s first governor.
  • Bouboulina Museum – This private museum is housed in the home of Bouboulina and displays a collection of personal objects and household furnishing of the Spetsiote heroine.
  • The monastery of Agios Nikolaos, the patron saint of sailors, is just outside Spetses Town. It is open to visitors; however, there is a dress code, long trousers and covered shoulders for men and long skirts for women.

Things to do

  • Go to the beach. Agia Paraskevi Beach, Agia Marina Beach, Agioi Anargiri Beach, Kaiki Beach, Town Beach (Agios Mamas)
  • Horseback ride. Greg’s Spetses Horses provides lessons as well as organized rides.
  • Run a marathon. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the Spetsathlon in April (the most significant triathlon in Greece) and the Spetses Mini Marathon in October.
  • Walk. Walking on Spetses is a delight because of its unique architecture, cobblestone streets, and fragrant gardens filled with jasmine and bougainvilleas.
  • See Armata. This re-enactment of a naval battle takes place in September.


The best way to taste traditional cuisine is to visit local cafes, tavernas, and restaurants. One popular dish is souvlaki, which includes meats, seafood, or vegetables on a skewer. Try the traditional Horiatiki salad, also known as a village salad.

Note that there are no “Greek salads” anywhere in Greece unless you are at a tourist restaurant. The traditional salad usually includes tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, feta, and olive oil. And, since Spetses is an island, seafood plays a significant role in the cuisine. You’ll find fish, octopus, shrimp, and other seafood.

In addition to Spetses, you can visit Poros, Hydra, Aegina, and Agistri while sailing the Saronic Gulf on a Charter Itinerary.

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