Saronic Islands Yacht Charters

The Saronic islands Yacht Charters visit some of the closest Greek islands to Athens. Your charter will take you to the mainland and the islands of Aegina, Agistri, Kythera, Antikythera, Poros, Hydra, Salamina, and Spetses. Aegina, Poros, Hydra, and Spetses are busy tourist destinations during summer. Since each island has its character, you’ll want to experience as much as time allows. From the elegance of Aegina to carless Hydra, you will find plenty to see and do. Although you may be tempted to relax on a beach, countless active adventures must be tried.

Saronic Islands Destinations

Saronic Islands Yacht Charters experiences in Greek culture.


Aegina Mediterranean Yacht Charters The island is within two hours of sailing from the marinas of Athens. Aegina Mediterranean Yacht Charters has a rich history, good shopping, and excellent restaurants. Aegina Town has Neoclassical buildings and is a beautiful place to enjoy a leisurely walk. You'll find pistachio vendors offering samples of all things pistachio. Try tasty treats such as pistachio ice cream, chocolate with pistachio, and butter. Aegina Island. Photo by Emily Karakis on Unsplash. Places to see: Aegina Town, the capital and main port. Fortunately, once you get past the busy harbor, the town of Aegina is saturated in authentic Greek town life. Perdika. A delightful, small fishing village with a marina. The Historical and Folklore Museum of Aegina. The Temple of Aphaia is dedicated to the goddess Athena. The archeological site of Kolona. This site includes the ruins of the prehistoric city, the temple of Apollo, as...


Agistri Mediterranean Yacht Charters Agistri is a lush green island in the Saronic Gulf. It has thick pine forests extending down to the shore with beaches. In addition, its villages are unspoiled, making for a delightfully low-key vacation destination. Also, it is famous for day trips from Athens and Aegina and for weekend getaways. Agistri Island. Photo by Mauricio Munoz on Unsplash. There are four villages with the island’s two harbors located in the town of Megalochori. The islands of Agistri, Aegina, and the surrounding area formed the kingdom of Aegina, which King Aeacus once ruled. There are archaeological finds on the islands and their surrounding waters. Places to see: Church of Agia Kyriaki in Limenaria, a tiny village in southern Agistri. An annual folk festival (panigiri) takes place on July 7th.The Church of Agioi Anargyroi is the most photographed whitewashed church on Agistri with a blue dome. Located next...


Hydra, within easy access by ferry from Athens, is a must-visit when exploring the Agro Saronic Gulf Islands. No cars are allowed on the island. There may be one or two pickup vehicles, with donkeys being the primary mode of transportation. Like many of the Greek Islands, the pace of life is slower than in the US or Athens. Enjoy a leisurely meal at one of the tavernas on the waterfront or the many side streets.  Hydra. Photo by Dominik Gawlik on Unsplash. Places to see: Hydra Town is the main town with a small harbor. Kaminia. This small town is within walking distance of Hydra Town. There are several good restaurants here offering authentic food and fantastic views. The Ecclesiastical Museum. You'll find the museum within the cloisters of Hydra's Cathedral Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the center of the port. It's a small museum...


Poros is a stone's throw away from Galatas, mainland Greece and about 1 – 2 ½ hours by ferry from Athens. It is a popular boating destination with a vast harbor that winds along with the town of Hora, the capital. Tavernas are along the waterfront with banks, supermarkets, shops, and the famous Clock Tower on the hill. Two islands make up Poros, Kalavria, and Sphairia, where the town is located. Poros. Photo by Nonomans on Pixabay. Places to see: Towns and villages. The scenic waterfront. The Archaeological Museum. The Russian Naval Dockyard Ruins. The Temple of Poseidon. Poros Clock Tower. This landmark clock tower, constructed in 1927, is imposing and has a bit of a hike to reach. However, the view is worth the effort once you've reached it. The Holy Monastery of Zoodochou Pigi. Lemonodasis on Galatas. Things to do: Go to the beach. There are quite a...


Salamina is the largest island in the Saronic Gulf and the closest to Athens. For this reason, it is famous for day trips from Athens. Indeed it has a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, combined with monasteries and churches. Although some areas are non-touristy, you will find a lovely beach and cozy taverna. Saronic Gulf. Photo by Alexander Grishin on Pixabay. The island is known for the Battle of Salamis and many famous men such as the Homeric hero Ajax and the poet Angelos Sikelianos. Places to see: The historic Agios Nikolaos Lemonion Monastery from the 17th century. The Museum of Folk Art and History and the Public Library are located on the New Town Hall grounds. The Tomb of Georgios Karaiskakis, one of the heroes from the Greek War of Independence. The Church of Panayia Eleftherotria on Patris Hill. The Euripideio Theatre, on Patris Hill. The two windmills...


Charming Spetses, part of the Saronic Islands, is a popular weekend destination due to its closeness to Athens. In Medieval times, the island flourished with trade, and the locals constructed elegant mansions that survive today. The town is large and ideal for long walks. Spetses. Photo by Theo Maroulis on Unsplash. Spetses is a place of charm, traditional values, pine forest, and lots of visitors during the summer months. The streets are narrow, with a picturesque harbor and charming waterfront. No cars are allowed on the island. Places to see on Spetses: Cave of Bekiris - This is one of the most beautiful and difficult spots to reach on the island of Spetses. Church of Panagia Armata - (Virgin of the Armata, which means Armed Virgin in Greek) is a white and yellow chapel located on a hill above the old port of Spetses. Hatziyiannis Mexis Mansion - The Mansion...

Yacht Types

The same as in other parts of Greece, you may select from crewed monohull sailboats, sailing catamarans, power catamarans, motor sailors, or motor yachts. Most likely your charter will depart one of the marinas in Athens or you can start from Porto Heli.

Places to see:

  • Churches. Each island has its own religious sites, from tiny chapels to large monasteries.
  • Museums. One of the best ways to learn about each island is to visit a museum. Choose from different historical, archaeological, maritime, and folklore types.
  • Parks.
  • Beaches. The beaches of the Saronic islands are some of the world's most beautiful.

Things to do:

  • Enjoy beautiful architecture.
  • Hike old footpaths and see fantastic scenery.
  • Browse museums.
  • Sun on a beach.
  • Snorkel.
  • Scuba dive.
  • Kayak.
  • Mountain climb.
  • Shop.


The Mediterranean climate of the Saronic islands offers pleasant days with low humidity. The spring and autumn are warm, and winter brings the most rainfall and an average temperature of 15°C. The best time to visit the Saronic islands is in summer.


From Aegina's pistachios to Poros' lemons to Hydra's almonds, all islands offer something tasty and unique. As in all Greek cuisine, olive oil plays a key role. And, because of the vast array of seafood in the waters surrounding the islands, fish and other seafood are plentiful.

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