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Malibu Experience! LA to Catalina to LA Itinerary

There is plenty to do for the LA to Catalina to LA Itinerary for five days. However, you can add stops at Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands if you want to move around more.  

la to catalina to la itinerary
Catalina Island

Day 1 | Avalon, Catalina Island

Avalon is a beautiful Harbor with shops, restaurants, and a beach club with private cabanas. There are also secluded anchorages for the additional nights.

  • Stroll along Avalon’s palm-lined streets and unique shops
  • Take a private golf cart or electric bike around Avalon and scenic mountain vistas overlooking the Pacific
  • Go snorkeling at Lover’s Cove or jet ski from the yacht
  • Dinner ashore at one of the many seaside restaurants or from the yacht with views of the picturesque harbor and Avalon theater.

Day 2 | Descanso Beach

  • Try rock climbing and zip lining through the high canyons to the beach 
  • Kayak or SUP along the rugged coastline
  • Go for a dip in the ocean.
  • Sip cocktails from your private cabana at the Descanso Beach Club

Day 3 | Two Harbors

Two Harbors is a small village that sits on a narrow strip of land that separates Isthmus Cove on the island’s leeward side from Catalina Harbor on the windward side, and it is only accessible by boat.

  • World-class scuba diving in crystal-clear water.
  • Tour the island for stunning views of the sea
  • Take an aerial tour by helicopter
  • Kayak or SUP to explore the nearby coves
  • Snorkel or dive underwater caves
  • Hike to the overlook at Ballast Point
  • Walk from one side of the island to the other across the Isthmus, 1/2 mile wide.
  • Enjoy a drink on the patio of the Harbor Reef before returning to the yacht for a sunset dinner. 

Day 4 | Private Anchorage

Catalina offers many private anchorages along the rugged coast for a secluded evening under the stars.

Day 5 | Cruise Home

Enjoy breakfast aboard and cruise back to Marina Del Rey or spend the afternoon off the coast of Malibu and have sunset dinner by the Famous Santa Monica Pier. End of your LA to Catalina to LA itinerary.

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