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Tropical Escapade! Caribbean Luxury Yacht-Charter Getaway

Escape to sunny tropical islands on a Caribbean luxury yacht-charter getaway. We are happy to present an excellent selection of private yacht vacations available in the Caribbean. Our exclusive yachts include catamarans, sailing, powerboats, and mega yachts. Each delivers superior luxury, comfort, and service.

Luxury yacht charter Ocean View
Luxury yacht charter Ocean View

There are many strikingly beautiful sailing catamarans in the Caribbean. Examples include the superyacht LEVANTE, bold and modern MAVERICK, and perfectly equipped OCEAN VIEW. All yachts promise to deliver superior luxury without compromise.

The Caribbean Sailing Area

The Caribbean is a crescent-shaped group of islands. The islands cover over 2,000 miles, separating the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The islands stretch 1,200 miles southeastward, then 500 miles south, then west along the north coast of Venezuela. What’s more, this area has more than 7,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cays. That’s A LOT to explore! A Caribbean yacht charter, arranged by Luxury Yacht Charters, is the BEST way to see it all!

The Caribbean islands are notable for their wide range of animals, fungi, and plants. These islands are a Conservation International biodiversity hotspot. The islands’ diverse land and marine ecosystems range from montane cloud forests to cactus scrublands. The region also has about 8% of the world’s coral reefs and seagrass meadows. The islands have become a great place for eco-tourism...MORE on the Caribbean

Things to Do in the Caribbean

It is common for island visitors to think that Caribbean islands are all the same, but each island is different. Different foods, drinks, languages, and traditions originate from distinct landscapes and geographies, resulting in different foods, drinks, languages, and activities.

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular activities and sights in the Caribbean, whether you’re a culinary traveler, an athlete, or a beach bum.

  • Picnic on the beach
  • Use your yacht’s water toys.
  • Go hiking or biking. The Caribbean has lots of trails to explore.
  • Go for a run in a new and beautiful location
  • Horseback ride
  • Rent an ATV and explore
  • Try new cuisine

The Climate and What to Pack

Although the Caribbean is generally warm year-round, you should consider the time you visit. The summer months are warmer, and the fall and winter may be breezy, so pack accordingly. The sun is always intense in the Caribbean. Bring plenty of sunscreens since these can be costly on the islands.

Since travel is opening up again, now is the time to book your trip. Superyacht ELEMENTS ready for Charter.

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