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Marmaris Boat Show Review

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Turkish Boat Show

Turkish gullet Derya Deniz was one of 50 boats at the Marmaris Boat Show.
Turkish gullet Derya Deniz was one of 50 boats at the Marmaris Boat Show.

Chris and Karin Patrick of CKIM Group, Inc. have long believed that attending boat shows are key to pairing clients with the perfect charter boat and crew. Not only do we get the opportunity to meet the crews, inspect the boats and sample the menus, we get a feel for the areas you’ll be cruising when you book your luxury yacht charter through us. Recently Chris and Karin attended the Marmaris Boat Show in Turkey and came back fully impressed with the boats, crews, and country.

Together they toured the fifty yachts at the show, the majority of which were Turkish gullets. Most of these were built in Bodrum and are very spacious motor sailors over 75 feet. Their biggest advantage is their comfort, stability and large flat decks, perfect for enjoying a cool cocktail and warm sunset.


As extraordinary as the yachts and their crews were, the Turkish coastline was just as appealing. Most impressive was the combination of cruising destinations and rich historical sites. There aren’t many destinations that can offer castles and temples reflecting their land’s importance in ancient and medieval times along with modern activities like water skiing and scuba diving.

The land activities offer plenty and the waters promise their share of fun, too. Most yachts offer water sports such as water skiing, jet skis, scuba diving, SUPs, and tubes. Of course, you may just want to take in the beauty of the surroundings and relax in the sea breeze!

And that is one of the biggest take-aways Chris and Karin had from their visit to the Marmaris Boat Show. Unlike many charter destinations, Turkey offers plenty to do on both the land and the water and will satisfy every guest in your party, from the history buff to the sailing enthusiast.

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