Brijuni Islands

Brijuni National Park contains the islands of the Brijuni archipelago. It consists of two larger islands, Veli Brijuni and Mali Brijun, plus twelve smaller islets. The islands lie opposite Fazana, off the Istria mainland coast. Pine trees, holm oaks, and rare flowers grow on the islands. Meanwhile, wild animals, such as fallow deer, mouflon, hares, and peacocks, roam free here.

Clear blue water and sky with Veli Brijun Island in background
Veli Brijun Island

Former Yugoslav President Tito had his official summer residence on Veli Brijun. He entertained many world leaders and international celebrities here, including Queen Elizabeth II, Fidel Castro, Richard Burton, and Elizabeth Taylor. Today, Veli Brijuni has three hotels, one private villa, and several restaurants and cafes.

Sailing around the Adriatic archipelago is a beautiful experience and will be a memorable part of your Croatia Yacht Charter.

Brijuni | Things to see and do

  • First, see Safari Park and Zoo on Veli Brijun. The Indian elephant and sacred cows, llamas, zebras, and ostriches were all gifts presented to President Tito by visiting dignitaries.
  • Next, hire bicycles and cycle the eight-mile trail around Veli Brijuni.
  • During the tour, stop to stroll around the Meditteranean Garden of Brijuni to see Mediterranean herbs, shrubs, and trees.
  • Also, stop to see the Brijun Olive Tree, aged 1600, and still gives forth a plentiful harvest each autumn.
  • Try scuba diving at one of the three locations in the Brijuni aquarium: Sveti Jerolim, Peneda, and Grunj.
  • Play a round of golf on Brijuni’s 18-hole golf course, constructed in 1921.
  • Attend an after-dark performance at Ulysses Theatre, in a 19th-century fortress on Mali Brijuni. Croatian actor Rade Serbedzija co-founded it.
  • Kayak

Marinas and Anchorages in the Brijuni Islands

  • Brijuni Port on the northeast coast of Veli Brijuni has space for docking.
  • Nearby, you can also visit the larger ports of Pula and Rovinj.

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