Sikinos | A Charming Greek Island

The relaxing Sikinos Island welcomes you with terraces, low stone fences, and many chapels dotting scenery bathed by the beautiful green and blue waters. It’s not a cosmopolitan island with wild nightlife. Rather, it can offer you some unique moments of tranquility. Sikinos is also well-known for its wine production, a tradition that started in ancient times.

The island is between the islands of Folegandros and Ios in the Cyclades.

Sikinos Greece stone archway
Sikinos, Greece


The island of Sikinos has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature is 79° F, with a yearly rainfall of around 12 inches. It is dry for 243 days a year.

Places to see on Sikinos

  • Chora, the charming capital of Sikinos, has two delightful settlements, Horio and Kastro, nestled just a stone’s throw away from each other. These villages are a bastion of tradition, where villagers proudly uphold their customs and festivities.
  • In the southeastern part of the island, about 4 kilometers from Chora, lies the picturesque port of Alopronoia Village, also known as Ano Pronia Village. While it may not be a bustling party hub, it’s the perfect place to savor music, wine, and delectable cuisine.
  • Explore the rich heritage of Sikinos at the Byzantine Collection, located in the heart of Chora. This collection houses the island’s most significant icons. The church displays them during the summer months. In the winter, their home is in the church of Panagia Pantanassa.
  • The Church of Panagia Pantanassa, nestled in Kastro village, stands as Sikinos’ most renowned religious site. Built in 1787, it boasts a lovely katholikon and showcases exquisite late-Byzantine icons.
  • Delve deeper into the island’s history at the Folklore Museum, housed in an olive oil press in Chora. This unique museum was once the family home of an American expatriate with an extensive background in olive oil production and a profound knowledge of Sikinos’ history.
  • Embark on an enriching journey to the Monastery of Episkopi, a one-hour walk from Chora. This spiritual retreat is a site of great significance and well worth the visit.
  • Perched atop a hill above Chora, the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi offers a breathtaking vantage point with mesmerizing vistas of the sea and the sunset.
  • For more exploration and adventure, consider venturing to the nearby island of Folegandros, renowned for its pristine beaches, delectable restaurants, and captivating experiences.
  • Alternatively, hop over to Ios, where vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches, and a plethora of dining options await.

Things to do on Sikinos

  • Hike. There are various hiking trails around the island. Some of the most popular trails are Episokpi to Agia Marina 1.4km (35 min), and Profitis Ilias to Malta: 4km (1.5h).
  • Visit the beach. The few organized beaches are Port Beach, Agios Georgios Beach, Dialiskari Beach, and Malta Beach.
  • Celebrate. If you are fortunate enough to visit Sikinos during a festival, you’ll see how the residents enjoy every celebration to its fullest. There’s a lot of music, folklore dances, food, and wine.
  • Visit a winery. The island produces not only fabulous honey but also delicious wines.
  • Explore the Mavri Spilia cave. Many say that this cave, under the Monastery of Hrisopigi, is among the most beautiful of the Cyclades. You can only reach it by boat.


Age-old traditions continue in Sikinos as local women make pasteli sesame snaps and melitinia, a traditional mini-pie made with mild myzithra cheese, sugar, vanilla, flour, eggs, and semolina flour.

Sikinos is well-known for its honey. The ten tons of honey produced yearly is among the best in Greece. Besides honey, the island produces excellent wine.

Sikinos Marinas

There are no large marinas on the island. However, there are some pretty anchorages and a port.

  • Aghios Georgios is a lovely anchorage on the southeast coast. The Agios Georgios islet protects it.
  • Agios Nikolaos Bay is between Sikinos port and Agios Georgios. It’s tiny. It has a tiny beach with Tamarix trees.
  • Alopronia, or Skala, is the only port from which to visit the Chora.

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