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patmos church near Agothonissi

Agothonissi | The Island of Kindness

Agothonissi, the island of kindness, is a small island near Patmos. The rocky landscape does not allow much plant cover except for bushes and wild olive trees. Freshwater is scarce.

A few rainwater wells and some tankers supply water to locals. Travelers can reach the island by boat from Patmos, Samos, or Lipsi

Patmos Island near Agothonissi
Patmos Island near Agothonissi

During ancient times the island had the name Yetousa. Because pirates frequently attacked the island, it was not permanently inhabited until the 19th century. The first people who settled on Agothonissi (1895) were six families from Patmos and Fourni.

Towns of Agothonissi

The Greek Island of Agothonissi has three settlements: Mikro Chorio, Megalo Chorio, and Agios Georgios. These towns have taverns with delicious seafood, traditional Greek cuisine, and cocktails.

  • Mikro Chorio is a beautiful village with whitewashed houses and farmhouses.
  • Megalo Chorio, the island’s largest town, has about 200 residents. It is the oldest settlement on the island, with stone walls and charming houses.
  • Agios Georgios is a small settlement between Megalo Chorio and Mikro Chorio. It is a lovely port with whitewashed houses and colorful fishing boats. This town is ideal for relaxing at the beach or a seaside tavern.

Places to see

  • The Church of Agios Georgios is a beautiful white and blue church with a bell tower. The church offers terrific panoramic views since it is above Agios Georgios’s Bay.
  • The Hellenistic Settlement of Agothonissi is on the island’s northern side in the Kastraki/Maestros area. Artifacts include bronze and silver coins, clay bee hives, and water cisterns.
  • The Tholoi (domes) of Agothonissi are on the island’s east side. These structures, which were food warehouses, date back to the 11th century.

Things to do

  • Bird Watching – The European Network of Natura 2000 declared the area a Valuable Shelter of Rare Bird Species. It is a stopping point for many migratory birds coming up to Europe from Africa in the spring. The birds visit again in the fall when they return to Africa.
  • Hiking – Agothonissi has many hiking paths. Moreover, while walking, you can see sights such as the Byzantine buildings of the Tholoi, beautiful scenery, and pristine beaches.
  • Snorkeling and spearfishing – Since the waters off Agothonissi are crystal clear, it is perfect for snorkeling and spearfishing.
  • Attend a festival or celebration. A few of these events include: July 27th is a religious celebration to honor Agios Panteleimonas; August 15th is a religious celebration held in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
  • In addition, August 29th is a religious celebration to honor Agios Ioannis that starts with treats of figs, grapes, and sea urchins.