Pserimos, a small, rocky, and less-traveled island, is about six miles from Kalymnos island. In this place, archaeologists have found traces of an ancient settlement, Perraiotan.

Harbor in Pserimos, Greece
Shells exposed at the local market of Pserimos island in Greece


Dry, sunny summers and mild winters characterize the climate in Pserimos. In July and August, gentle breezes and winds cool the warm temperatures. During the fall and winter, the humidity level is relatively high.

Places to see

  • Vathi Beach. A sheltered bay with clear blue water and a small beach.
  • Avlakia Village. Since this is the only village, you’ll find tavernas and several small shops here. The village is said to be built on the site of an ancient settlement.
  • Panagia Grafiotisa church.
  • Plati island. A small island off the west coast of the region.

Things to do

  • Snorkel. The waters around the island are calm and perfect for snorkeling.
  • Kiteboard.
  • Hike. Walk from the Main Harbor to Grafiotisa and enjoy many excellent views. Be sure to bring plenty of water.
  • Swim. The water is calm and perfect for swimming or using your yacht’s water toys.
  • Watch the sunset from the Chapel of Panagia Grafiotissa.


Pserimos’ tavernas are open all day, including breakfast time. Breakfast consists of local products such as eggs, dairy, and honey. Meals often include local capers. The cliffs are full of these delicious little flower buds. The island is also called Kappari (the Greek word for “caper”). For lunch or dinner, visit the family-owned taverna Manòlas. The owner raises his own animals, produces his own cheese and olive oil, and even catches a lot of the seafood he serves.

Pserimos Marinas and Anchorages

The tiny island has no marina. However, the bay offers good shelter from the wind. Your yacht charter captain can drop the anchor here.

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