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Sicily Yacht Charters

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Sicily is a fantastic destination for luxury yacht charters. The many villages, cities, and upscale ports can even welcome visitors year-round. Explore the island, feast on local cuisine, and learn about the island’s unique history. Quaint fishing villages such as Cefalu and Syracuse are popular yachting destinations, along with the famed Taormina.

Sicily Yacht Charters
Catania, Sicily with Mt. Etna Volcano in the background.

Places to See on Your Sicily Yacht Charter:

  • Aeolian Islands. Sail to the volcanic archipelago to see ancient ruins, forts, and of course wineries.
  • Syracuse. Home to remarkable archeological remains of the Greek and Roman empires. The Ear of Dionysius is a major attraction. It’s a limestone cave that looks like an ear. Be sure to stroll the streets of the island of Ortigia, a magical and picturesque part of old-town Syracuse.
  • Taormina. There’s an interesting ancient Greek theater here where you will have fantastic views of Mount Etna. Gardens, beaches, cathedrals, and fine restaurants make Taormina a “must-see” on your Sicily yacht charter vacation.
  • Mount Etna. The highest volcano in Europe and also one of most active in the world. Visit a winery, trek across the lava or take a 4X4 tour for a day you won’t soon forget.
  • Catania. Catania, the second largest city in Sicily, is located on Sicily’s east coast. Authentic fish markets await you.
  • The necropolis of Pantàlica. A collection of cemeteries with approximately 4,000 rock-cut chamber tombs. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Theater in Sicily’s Taormina. Photo by Guy Rey-Bellet on Pixabay.

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Things to Do on Your Sicily Yacht Charter:

  • Visit archaeological sites such as Selinunte.
  • Have a picnic of local food and wine.
  • Walk. In Palermo and Taormina there’s lots of interesting cafes and shops.
  • Hike. Mount Etna offers a unique and challenging hiking experience.
  • Bike. You’ll be dazzled by unexpected landscapes as you roll through the countryside.
  • Soak up the atmosphere at the market in Catania.

Ear of Dionysius, Siracuse. Photo by Hilmar Buschow on Pixabay.


Sicily has a Mediterranean climate with mild, somewhat rainy winters, and hot, dry summers. At nearly 11,000 feet above sea level, Mount Etna is usually covered in snow during the winter. Summer, especially July and August, is the peak season. During this time, locals, as well as foreign tourists, visit to enjoy outdoor activities such as going to the beach, festivals, food fairs, and concerts.


With influences from Italian, Greek, Spanish, as well as French cuisine, Sicilian food is quite diverse. Fragrant olive oil and rich tomato sauce, exquisite cheeses, and wines are staples in Sicilian dishes. Of course, since Sicily is an island, fresh fish is prominent in the local cuisine. While on your Sicily yacht charter, be sure to sample some of the local delicacies.