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Project Puffin: New-England Yacht Helps Local Environment

At the 2015 Newport Yacht Show, one New-England Yacht helps the local environment. The 116’...

Puffin. Photo by Tony Smith
Photo by Tony Smith

At the 2015 Newport Yacht Show, one New-England Yacht helps the local environment. The 116’ sailing yacht Whisper offered visitors something a little different. In addition to a tour of the stunning vessel, guests received a stuffed animal puffin and a hardback copy of Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock by Stephen W. Kress and Derrick Z. Jackson (Yale Press). So what’s the connection?

Is the décor on the boat inspired by the black, white, and orange coloring found on the little seabird? No.

Is the owner of the yacht one of the authors of the book? Uh-uh.

Does the book recount sightings of cute animals found during successful sailing charters? Wrong again.

Project Puffin

The book and stuffed animal have nothing to do with the charter experience onboard Whisper. Puffins or no, guests will enjoy a unique New England yacht charter with Whisper. It’s what Whisper is doing after your charter that makes the Project Puffin connection.

Whisper will be donating a portion of her 2015 summer sales to Project Puffin to assist the project in restoring the puffin population in the New England area. Since its creation by the Audubon Society in 1973, Project Puffin has already seen success in restoring over 1,000 puffin pairs to some of the islands of the coast of Maine, but there is more work ahead of them.

Why is Whisper donating to the project? According to Kaisa Pace with Churchill Yachts (Whisper’s charter management company), “If we don’t protect the region’s environment and its wildlife, then there is no saying what will happen to its beautiful coastline. By supporting Project Puffin, Whisper is taking its first step in giving back to the region we all love.”

Whisper’s commitment to Project Puffin leaves quite an impression. If the crew and management feel this passionate about the area they charter, imagine how enthusiastic they will be to share it with you.

Get a personal look at how this New-England Yacht Helps the Local Environment. Begin planning your New England boat charter experience aboard Whisper.

You make the memories, and we make the arrangements.

Photo, Puffin (Fratercula arctica), by Tony Smith via Flickr used under Creative Commons license.

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