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Best Scuba Diving in Florida | Spectacular

Palm Beach County and the Florida Keys

Palm Beach County and the Florida Keys offer the best scuba diving in Florida. These areas offer excellent diving because the Gulf Stream brings warm water and abundant marine life.

Miles of coral reefs and numerous wrecks provide excellent dive opportunities. A scuba yacht charter from Luxury Yacht Charters will put you in the action.

Once in the water, drift along the reefs and wrecks and observe over 80 tropical fish species. Look for five species of turtles, numerous varieties of rays, sharks, and other marine life like the Goliath Grouper.

The invertebrate life is equally impressive. With lobsters, crinoids, shrimp, octopuses, crabs, and many others, photographers have plenty of subjects to keep them busy for days.

Aqua Safari Adventures. Scuba Diving

Personal Dive Guides

Scuba divers can have an onboard personal dive guide on your Scuba yacht charter. Aqua Safari Adventures‘, based out of Palm Beach, will provide your dive guide. They will show you the very best that each dive spot has to offer. These professional scuba instructors have made thousands of dives on the reefs of Palm Beach and the Florida Keys.

Having an experienced dive instructor and dive master on board enhances your vacation. We recommend a personal dive guide for those diving in an unfamiliar location or for the first time in 6 months. Indeed, they also work for those desiring to add more fun and excitement to their scuba adventure. Equipment is provided.

The Treasure Coast

The best scuba diving in Florida can be found along a stretch of sand on Florida’s east coast known as the ‘Treasure Coast.’ Palm Beach County, lying at the southern tip of the Treasure Coast, has an abundance of fascinating subjects. This includes beautiful tropicals, gamefish and pelagics, and giant lobsters. Some of these delectable, spiny crustaceans weigh 12 to 15 pounds!

The abundance of marine life might give some basis to this particular region’s nickname. However, the epithet “Treasure Coast” was acquired from the demise of the luckless Spanish Plate Fleet. This armada was destroyed in 1715 by a hurricane while bound for Spain with a cargo of gold and silver.

The bulk of the treasure has never been found. As a result, the sea has yielded some pieces to those fortunate divers who were “in the right place at the right time.”

The Palm Beaches are the Southeast retreat for the rich and famous. Simply cruising down this section of the coast will take you past sunny sandy beaches and picturesque stately mansions. You can also quickly go ashore for great dining and entertainment in South Florida, including Palm Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.

Sailing in Miami, FL

The Gulf Stream

Aqua Safari Adventures. Scuba Diving. Dinghy ride with happy guests
Aqua Safari Adventures Dinghy Ride

For decades, this portion of the Treasure Coast was overlooked as a primary dive destination because the Florida Keys received most of the publicity. Indeed, the reef structure of the Treasure Coast is no match to the striking coral formations in the Keys.

However, they share a similarly low-profile bottom topography with deep undercuts and ledges like those from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. They have a unique advantage over all other diving locations along Florida’s coastline – the Gulf Stream.

This massive oceanic current swings close to shore, resulting in a remarkable catalyst for an environment of warm, clear blue water (70 to 100 feet of visibility is the norm). The current’s steady northward flow deposits many marine creatures, some seldom found elsewhere in Florida.

Palm Beach County is the world’s second-largest Sea Turtle nesting ground, with multiple species using the beaches for nesting. Furthermore, many worldwide see these turtles due to their abundance (April – June is the peak mating and nesting season).

Palm Beach is a favorite dive destination for turtle lovers, including those who admire the elusive Leatherback and the giant Loggerhead.

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