Turkey Yacht Rental Vacation

Turkey may not be the first place you think of when planning your luxury vacation. However, this unique destination is full of history, culture, natural beauty, and excellent dining. Enjoy the freedom and adventure of exploring this marvelous land on a Turkey yacht rental vacation.

Turkey Yacht Rental Vacation in Bodrum, Turkey
Bodrum, Turkey. Photo via Shutterstock.

Sailing around Turkey’s stunning coastlines and islands has become quite popular with vacationers looking for more authentic experiences than those offered by hotels and resorts. With so many different places to visit, including over 500 islands and islets and 4,400 miles of coastline, it’s no wonder Turkey is a sought-after vacation destination. The scenery is breathtaking, and the hospitality and warmth of the Turkish people are genuine.

In addition to being a resort destination, Turkey is home to ancient archaeological sites worthy of exploration. You can enjoy shopping, tours, and other activities onshore, such as visiting an authentic Turkish bath. There are lots of water sports to enjoy for those with a more adventurous side, like kiteboarding, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Turkey’s Most Exclusive Places to Rent a Boat

The most exclusive places to rent a boat in Turkey are Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, and Dalaman. Located in southwest Turkey, these locations offer superb sailing conditions all year round, thanks to their proximity to Turkey’s ancient Greek waters. What’s more, Turkey also has some of Europe’s best marinas.

Turkey’s Best Places to Visit on a Private Boat

There are many spectacular places to explore when you go on your yacht charter on the coast of Turkey. Just a few of these breathtaking destinations include:

  • Bodrum. Bodrum is famous for its vibrant markets and unique Museum of Underwater Archaeology located in the Crusader Castle.
  • Marmaris. Take an authentic Turkish bath, walk through Günnücek (Marmaris National Park), visit Ephesus, explore Marmaris Castle, stroll Icon beach, or take a day trip to the Marmaris Dalyan & Turtle Beach for a rejuvenating mud bath.
  • The Great Blue Cave: The Great Blue Cave, also known as the Azure Window, was created by waves lapping at limestone rocks that jut out over the water.

What Makes Boating in Turkey Such an Amazing Experience?

Turkey’s beautiful coastline and pristine waters make it an ideal destination for boat rentals. Turkey has a long boating history, with locals enjoying boats since as early as 6000 B.C. Turkey is a beautiful place for yacht charter vacations with its unique features and long history.

Antalya Beach included in Turkey Yacht Rental Vacation
Antalya beach. Photo by Atif Zafrak on Unsplash.

More reasons boating in Turkey is such a fantastic experience include:

  • There is a lot to see. One great thing about boating around Turkey is that there are many small islands and lagoons to explore and plenty of nooks and crannies to check out along Turkey’s coastline. In addition, many parts of Turkey have views that date back thousands of years. Thanks to ruins like ancient bridges that still stand today.
  • The food. The coast of Turkey has a fantastic selection of restaurants. There are older, established places that serve traditional cuisines such as mezes, kebabs, grilled meats, and fresh seafood. However, in recent years, the number of upscale restaurants has increased.
  • The beaches. There are many beautiful beaches, bays, and lagoons to discover. Notably, Oludeniz beach, which is frequently photographed.

A Sample Itinerary on a Turkey Yacht Rental Vacation

There are many possibilities for your Turkey yacht rental vacation itinerary. We will work closely with you to create the perfect itinerary based on your preferences and desires. A sample itinerary might look something like this:

  • Start in Marmaris, then on day two sail to Serce Bay. Here you can see a Byzantine shipwreck from the 11th century, which is exhibited in the Bodrum Museum.
  • On the third day sail and anchor at Datca. Datca was founded by the Dorians who came from the Aegean Sea to the southern coast of Ionia in the 7th century B.C.
  • Day four cruise to Bencik Bay.
  • Day five, sail into the Hisaronu Gulf. Dock in Orhaniye bay where you will see the unique scenery of a natural tidal formation called ‘Kiz Kumu’ (Maiden’s Beach). In the afternoon sail to Selimiye for dinner and an overnight stay.
  • On day six travel to Dirsekbuku and set the anchor. Go ashore in Bozburun, which is a small fishing town.
  • On day seven cruise to Arap Island for a beach day, then return to Marmaris.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Yacht Charter

Once you have decided to take a yacht charter vacation, there are some things that you will need to consider. Be sure to consider factors such as:

  • The kind of boat you want to rent. If you are looking for an authentic sailing experience, then a traditional monohull sailboat is for you. If speed, spaciousness, and luxury are important, then a motor yacht is ideal. Or for lots of deck space and large cabins, then a motor sailer may be ideal. And, if you are looking for stability and nearly equally-sized cabins, then a catamaran may be best for you.
  • A number of people joining you on your adventure.
  • Activities you and your guests would like to do.
  • Places you would like to see.
  • Special events you would like to celebrate such as a birthday, anniversary, or graduation.

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