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Turkish Yachts at Antigua-Yacht-Show

Turkish Yachts at Antigua-Yacht-Show! We examine how Pruva Yachting’s fleet of charter yachts plays a...

Turkish Yachts at Antigua-Yacht-Show! We examine how Pruva Yachting’s fleet of charter yachts plays a prominent role in the Turkish charter market. As next year marks the company’s 20th anniversary, sat down with Vice President, Dogukan Boyaci on board 56m S/Y Regina at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show. We talked about how his business has evolved with the growing number of Turkey luxury yacht charters.

The Shipyard

“Since 1995 our shipyard has built 21 boats ranging from 20m to 56m,” says Boyaci. “We are a boutique shipyard and not working as the other big shipyards. We build the boats purely to charter. Our mission is always first to charter and maybe sell later.”

Boyaci says that this is a restructured business strategy following the recession. “Because of the global financial crisis, I think people want to charter boats and not buy them. Therefore, that is why we are now focusing on the charter side of the business,” he explained.

And it is certainly proving successful as Regina, Pruva’s most notable yacht in the fleet. That notability is due to her appearance in the James Bond movie Skyfall. She already has five weeks of charter booked in the Med for summer 2015. That’s following a busy season this year with 20 weeks of charters.

Boyaci adds that Pruva’s clients are predominantly Americans, a factor that has significantly affected the charter market in Turkey this year, due to many being put off the area due to the conflict in the Middle East. “I think Americans are more affected by the worldwide media,” he adds. “But we are not just available in Turkey so many have chosen to go to Greece and Croatia instead.”

Positive Growth

Also positive for the growth of the company is the fact that perceptions surrounding the quality of Turkish boat building are improving. “Because work in Turkey is cheaper than Europe and the United States, and now some good shipyards are emerging and they are building bigger and bigger boats, perceptions have changed,” says Boyaci.

Pruva Yachting is currently working on a project to build a 45m explorer motor yacht in the shipyard, and that will be primarily to charter as well, so Boyaci is positive about the future.

Article by Bryony McCabe

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