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The 10 Best Caribbean Yacht Charters

A Caribbean yacht charter can quickly transport your mind and body from cold and gray days to idyllic golden sands and warm hospitality. Year-round adventure and total relaxation await you with our carefully curated list of the 10 best Caribbean yacht charter destinations.

Pack your sunglasses and bathing suits; your next luxury yacht getaway awaits. Visit our Caribbean yacht charter itineraries for more details on how to make your dream holiday a reality.

The 10 Best Caribbean Yacht Charter Destinations

U.S. Virgin Islands 

The U.S. Virgin Islands are home to some of the best beaches, national parks, and activities the Caribbean offers. Adventure seekers can enjoy kayaking, zip-lining, and hiking on St. John, while divers will be amazed by the sea life in the waters below. If you’re looking for spa treatments, a round of golf, or the beach, the USVI is the place to go.

Did you know that seven nations have previously called the Virgin Islands their own? This unique past is evident throughout the islands today. Visit St. Croix’s cultural museums, plantation homes, and Cruzan Rum Distillery.

You can also see the old sugar cane factory to learn about the troubling past and resilience of the native islanders. In addition, the fusion of nations is still evident in the cuisine found in many fine-dining restaurants on St. Thomas.

What’s more, St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John are easily accessed from the U.S.A. without passports for American citizens. 

QTR, a 116-foot Lazarra motor yacht, is the perfect choice for quality time on the islands.

QTR's water toys

British Virgin Islands

Tortola and Virgin Gorda

While the British Virgin Islands (BVI) may encompass 60 islands, the four primary islands sit nearby. This proximity makes for an easy-going yacht charter. You can go surfing or shopping in Tortola in the morning and swim alongside the serene beaches of Virgin Gorda in the afternoon. The BVI, one of the 10 Best Caribbean Yacht Charter Destinations, is known as “Nature’s Little Secret.”

Deadmans Beach, BVI. 10 best caribbean yacht charters.
Deadmans Beach, BVI

Scrub Island

Nearby, the calm waters and hospitable marina of Scrub Island offer visitors the opportunity to learn to sail or take the day to go fishing. There’s also an excellent Spa for anyone seeking total relaxation. 


Newly re-energized, you can head to Anegada for excellent snorkeling atop the beautiful coral reefs, tunnels, and winding springs. Fishing buffs will also find great sports, bone fishing, and water sports. Back on firm ground, admire wildlife, and don’t leave without strolling through the old town walls of the island’s original settlement. 

Jost Van Dyke

To cap off your BVI journey, head to Jost Van Dyke, where you can feast on seafood, rotis, and plenty of barbecues. From your luxury yacht charter, you can even voyage to numerous private and uninhabited islands for hiking trails, secluded coves, and private resorts. Jost Van Dyke was also a favorite destination for the late Jimmy Buffett.

A catamaran charter in the BVI is ideal because a catamaran can navigate shallow waters better than an equally-sized motor yacht. SEACLUSION, an 80-foot Sunreef catamaran, is a good choice for your BVI charter.

Deck Dining Aboard SEACLUSION.
Deck Dining Aboard SEACLUSION.

Antigua & Barbuda | 10 Best Caribbean Yacht Charters

A renowned yachting destination today, Antigua is one of the Caribbean’s original and preeminent luxury yacht charter spots, dating back to the 1600s. Sheltered harbors, gorgeous blue seas, and fantastic trade winds continue to bring sailors and holiday-makers back year after year.  

Settled by the British, the volcanic island has a fascinating history and natural beauty waiting for you to explore. Dock at the historic English Harbor and revisit the nation’s nautical past. Here, walk back through restored captain’s houses, sugar mills, military fortresses, and cannons looking over the beaming blue seas. Home to 365 beaches stretching 95 miles, Antigua’s sandy shores warrant more than one trip.

Antigua’s sister island of Barbuda is yet another way to find private beaches and hidden coves to make your own. Whether you want to snorkel, dive or escape to one of the remote cays, Antigua and Barbuda will host you. In addition, it is one of the best spring break destinations.

Consider motor yacht RISING DAWN for your yacht charter to Antigua and Barbuda.


If you want to feel at home at your destination, head to Anguilla. The warm locals and inviting atmosphere will immediately put you at ease. A small island accessed primarily from St. Martin, Anguilla’s oversized charm permeates every inch of the local restaurants, shops, tour guides, and intimate bays.

Anguilla Caribbean Power Catamarans destination

On Anguilla, you can test your photography skills by hiking to one of many viewpoints overlooking the island. If you’re hungry, take a quick boat ride for an unforgettable meal at Sandy Island, just offshore. Speaking of cuisine, Anguilla is known for its dynamic gastronomy ranging from perfectly cooked fish to native dishes like Funghi. 

Snorkeling, diving, and fishing will entertain the most active yachters. However, your group will want to see prehistoric cave carvings at Big Spring Cave. Instead, if you’re interested in wildlife, you can also head to East End Pond’s wildlife conservation. Anguilla truly is one of the most incredible Caribbean yacht charter destinations.

Power catamaran C’EST LA VIE will make a good home base for your adventures in Anguilla.

10 best Caribbean yacht charters C'est La Vie

St. Vincent and the Grenadines 

A picturesque archipelago of 33 islands, including Grenada, the Grenadines, and St. Vincent, has been in movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean. Independent since 1979, the islands, like much of the West Indies, were once colonized by the British. Originally home to the Arawak Indians, their heritage lives on through traditional food and traditions. 

Each island has its distinct personality, so visit a few to explore their rich diversity. Mustique is a top choice for the ultimate and exclusive luxury experiences. Rub elbows and dine with celebrities who often rent private villas on the island. 

Those looking for total peace can head for snorkeling at the incredible Horseshoe Reef in the Tobago Cays. Or, venture to the wild islands of Petit St. Vincent and Martinique for more underwater adventures in the secluded area. It will quickly become apparent why we think this area is among the 10 best Caribbean yacht charters.

You’ll notice that music is the beating heart of Grenadine culture, and various blues and jazz festivals occur throughout the year. On the bustling islands of Bequia and Union, you’ll find live music around town and at many excellent bars and restaurants. In addition, combine the Grenadines with neighboring St. Lucia for a magical Caribbean luxury yacht charter trip. 

ALMYRA II, a luxurious traditional monohull sailboat, will carry you away to the windswept islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Puerto Rico & The Spanish Virgin Islands | 10 Best Caribbean Yacht Charters

Unbeknownst to many, Puerto Rico and the Spanish Virgin Islands are excellent choices for your next Caribbean yacht charter. Off the beaten path from more popular island groups, the Spanish Virgin Islands mix American convenience with Spanish Caribbean flair. The use of the U.S. dollar and ease of American travel, passport-free, are just some reasons to visit this hidden gem in the Caribbean. 

Puerto Rico and the Spanish Virgin Islands are perfect if you’re into trend-setting and avoiding big crowds. In Puerto Rico’s capital Old San Juan, visit the military barracks, tunnels, and El Morro fortress. Inland, plan a day trip to the El Yunque National Forest to hike the rainforest or admire the fauna and plant life. 

Top destinations off the coast of Puerto Rico include Culebra, beaches like Playa Flamenco, and a wildlife refuge. After working up a hunger, head to the island of Vieques for authentic Puerto Rican cuisine and great nightlife in Esperanza. Cap off a memorable vacation with a night kayak excursion to the neon bioluminescent Mosquito Bay. 

St. Barts

St. Barthelemy or St. Barts has the most elite amenities and top-notch activities hard to come by anywhere else. Perhaps most unique, visitors can take a yellow submarine from Gustavia Harbour to explore the island’s surroundings up close and personally. If you’d rather be in the thick of the action, you can also scuba dive in Colombier Bay or Pain de Sucre. 

No longer needed today, St. Barts still retains some of its historic forts and lookouts, including Fort Karl, which can be visited high atop the island. After taking in the gorgeous vistas at Fort Karl, traverse the island by ATV, an experience sure to stay with you long after your trip. 

ENDLESS HORIZON, an 80-foot Sunreef catamaran, has a spacious flybridge where you can relax and enjoy your tropical surroundings.

St. Martin & St. Maarten 

The world’s smallest dual-nationality piece of land is none other than St. Martin & St. Maarten. The Dutch territory is called St. Maarten, while the French protectorate is St. Martin. 

Closely near other top islands, including Anguilla and St. Barth’s, St. Martin’s Tintamarie sees many visitors enjoying the mud baths. The island is also home to beautiful sandy beaches and the clearest snorkeling and scuba conditions, with depths of over 100 feet. At the same time, both sides of the island exude beauty but offer distinctively different experiences.  

This dual nation island is among the 10 Best Caribbean Yacht Charters known for excellent restaurants. Explore the gorgeous area aboard Power Catamaran FRENCHWEST.

10 best Caribbean yacht charters

St. Martin

On the French side, St. Martin, you’ll be transported to a more European cafe culture with superb outdoor and beachside dining choices.

Tennis players, water skiers, and sailors have many options for courts and sports in St. Martin. Aspiring fishermen and women, don’t forget the excellent deep-sea fishing you’ll find just offshore. 

St. Maarten

In contrast, the Dutch side of St. Maarten is filled with nightlife and energy. There are also many duty-free shops and boutiques if you want to purchase tech gadgets or jewelry. Golfers can also enjoy a round at the island’s golf course on the Dutch side. 

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Ultimately, there’s no wrong choice for your next Caribbean yacht charter when you select one of the destinations in our 10 Best Caribbean Yacht Charters. Visit our Caribbean luxury yacht charter itineraries and let us help you plan your next trip!

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