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Chartering During COVID | Newport, Rhode Island

One universal truth since the beginning of this pandemic is that many people had to...

One universal truth since the beginning of this pandemic is that many people had to change or cancel their travel plans. One exception is chartering during COVID in Newport, Rhode Island.

Newport, Rhode Island, was gearing up for a busy charter season when COVID-19 spread to U.S. shores. Many charter brokers, captains, and crew worried there would be no season.

chartering during COVID newport
Newport Harbor.

Chartering During COVID in Newport

In spite of the pandemic, the season has been busy. More people are chartering during COVID, from Newport, Rhode Island, or buying boats.

Governor Gina Raimondo and Rhode Island’s Director of Health, Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, both are doing an objectively good job at curbing the spread of the virus (although there has been a recent uptick), which has been widely reported in national news outlets.

Part of this was because of early mandates for mask-wearing in crowded areas, including some of the busier streets of Newport.

Newport, Rhode Island, Still Offers Plenty of Fine Dining.

Those chartering during COVID in Newport have found that there are many places open for dining.

Newport offers a plethora of restaurants. Realizing the demand for more outdoor seating during this time, many of these places have expanded their outdoor areas. Restaurants along Broadway in Newport expanded their outdoor seating into the parking areas along the street, creating al fresco dining, Newport style.

The Clarke Cook House is a popular restaurant in town. While it offers limited outdoor seating, the interior dining areas have large, open windows to allow as much fresh air as possible. Guests may dine for 90 minutes, and must wear masks when servers approach the table.

Castle Hill is another lovely location to socially distance and dine or have drinks. The expansive lawn overlooks the entrance of Narragansett Bay which offers a continual parade of motor and sailboats.

Cruising-wise, Newport is a great jumping-off point for Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, the Elizabeth Islands, and Block Island.

Chartering during COVID in Newport | Cruise to Other Places.

According to boat captains visiting Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket, it is as busy as ever, with waiting lists for both slips and restaurant tables throughout the island. Restaurants and shops are strictly abiding by Massachusetts’ COVID-19 guidelines. Limiting the number of inside seats.

There are quieter areas to visit locally for anyone, a little leery of being around tons of people. The Elizabeth Islands, just off the southern coast of Cape Cod, offer solitude and peaceful vistas. Waters around here can be shallow and tricky. Therefore a knowledgeable captain is always advised.

Further afield, you have Maine, which offers hundreds of bays and inlets to explore.

Remember, There are Still Some Restrictions in Place.

Quarantine restrictions vary according to state regulations. Residents from states with a lower than 2% positivity can enter most states with no testing or quarantine period.

You can still enjoy yourself but with an added measure of caution. Summer isn’t over; hopefully, we will have a mild Fall, allowing us to take advantage of New England’s beauty.

Chartering during Covid from Newport, Rhode Island, will soothe and satisfy many families’ travel bug.

Chartering During COVID Newport | Update

The situation has changed since this post was published in 2020. However, Newport continues to be a fantastic destination for boating enthusiasts.

Still, it is important to remember important details such as safety measures and local guidelines.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Sanitization: Yacht charters now follow rigorous cleaning protocols for their boats and facilities. Many crew have been vaccinated as well.
  • Cancellation Policies: We will discuss cancellation policies before you travel. It is also a good idea to purchase Travel insurance.
  • Visit the Official Newport Website: The official Newport tourism website will likely have updated information on local guidelines and restrictions.
  • Contact Local Authorities: If you have specific questions about Newport COVID-related rules, consider contacting local authorities for guidance.
  • Check for Updates: Before your trip, double-check any last-minute travel restrictions, quarantine requirements, or changes to the local COVID guidelines.

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