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Christophe Harbour, a Luxury Yacht Destination | St Kitts

Until a recent period, St. Kitts served as a brief stopover, if at all, for...

Until a recent period, St. Kitts served as a brief stopover, if at all, for luxury yachts. Christophe Harbour, a Luxury Yacht Destination on St Kitts, has changed that with its 24 full-service yacht berths. The marina can host boats between 147 and 213 feet. In addition, there are six new berths to moor boats up to 400 feet in length.

Christophe Harbour is a haven for yachts. It offers a private beach club, a marina "village" with provisioning services, and boutique shops. It also provides access to the Park Hyatt Hotel and the Salt Plage Beach Bar just down the road.

christophe harbour nevis
Christophe Harbour. Courtesy of 3D Caribbean.

Christophe Harbour, a Luxury Yacht Destination on St Kitts

"The goal is to become a destination marina," said the Director of Yachting at Christophe Harbor, Aeneas Hollins.

St. Kitts is the largest of the two islands, comprising the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis (65 square miles). Christophe Harbour is on the island's southeast end of the peninsula. A road along the peninsula did not exist until the 1990s. Serious development of this pristine land didn't occur until the mid-2000s.

Growing up in Nevis, I remember looking at the peninsula at night and seeing no lights. Subsequently, a few appeared as time progressed, and gradually, their number increased. It was the same for Christophe Harbour. No one could believe that someone would make this desolate peninsula with shallow salt ponds into a deep-water marina.

But Charles P. "Buddy" Darby III saw potential here, as he had in his various developments worldwide. He offers real estate. You can buy land or a berth, giving you access to the rest of what Darby planned to develop. He is creating a high-end community overlooking the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans.

Hollins was Darby's boat captain before he moved ashore in 2012 and began helping with the development.

A Silver Lining to a Traumatic Event

Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated many Caribbean islands, including St. Martin, the British, the United States Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

St. Kitts was fortunate to have avoided a direct hit. "We got very lucky," said Hollins. "We were up and running the following day," he continued.

Everyone agreed to help organize relief for the affected islands. Hollins also realized that a port-of-call would be a great addition to the luxury fleet. Most of the other major ports had been destroyed.

As a result, Christophe Harbour had a great year. Luxury yachts of all sizes flocked to the harbor. In fact, far more yachts arrived than expected. Which, according to Hollins, led to yacht owners and clients discovering the whole Caribbean region.

christophe harbour a luxury yacht destination
The main building was built in the design of the old Customs building in downtown Basseterre—courtesy of Christophe Harbour.

Food and provisions arrive from the U.K. regularly as there are weekly flights from Gatwick. With the Park Hyatt now open, Christophe Harbour offers guests as much as most main ports can.

Christophe Harbour St Kitts also helps create detailed travel plans that captains and crew can be sure will wow their guests. "Charter crew loves us," said Hollins. "They are aware that we possess the expertise in guest care," he proceeded.

They also partner with the local private jet terminal to ensure painless and quality travel between yacht and jet.  And they continue to develop more and more partnerships that will offer more high-end experiences for clients.

In summary, what does Hollins expect for this winter? "We foresee an exceptionally active season," he remarked.

The Marina at Christophe Harbour is a Luxury Yacht Destination

The Christophe Harbor marina offers world-class facilities and services. The marina also has access to the natural beauty and attractions of St. Kitts and Nevis.

  • Superyacht Berths: The marina accommodates superyachts, making it a popular destination for yacht enthusiasts and owners. It can accommodate yachts of up to 300 feet in length.
  • Deep-Water Location: The marina benefits from its deep-water location. It is well-protected and provides a safe and secure environment. It is on the Caribbean side of St. Kitts, offering easy access to the island and other nearby islands.
  • Amenities and Services: The marina offers a range of amenities and services for visiting yachts. This includes a fuel dock, water and electricity, and customs and immigration services at the Customs House.
  • Luxury Facilities: Christophe Harbour prides itself on providing high service and luxury.
  • Events and Activities: The marina and Christophe Harbour regularly host events and activities, attracting yacht owners and visitors worldwide. These events can include regattas, fishing tournaments, and social gatherings, making the marina a lively and dynamic place.

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